texture of the gray concrete wallWith the title track of this EP, Mirco Niemeier knows how to fuse a gloomy kicking bassdrum with percussions and a discreet minimalist melody, so that he creates a track defining his life and culture excellently. Together with an oldschool like remix of the DJ and producer duo Raumakustik (known for their remix of globetrotter Claptone’s “In The Beginning” and releases on Jamie Jones’ label Hottrax as well as on Toolroom together with Terry Lynn), both titles represent a harmonious ensemble. As technoid as “My Culture” is, Mirco proves his complexity and facet richness with the second track “My House”, which comes around even more playful, but with the same tone color. And here, he also got some strong remix support: DJ Lion, wo released a successful remix of Metodi Hristov’s “Flip Trip” on Set About” at the beginning of this year, is responsible for a deep and simultaneously driving version of the original and completes the EP.

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texture of the gray concrete wallWhat do the Brazilian Anderson Noise, his countryman Renato Cohen and the young German breakthrough artist Mirco Niemeier have in common? An EP with crispy Techno! Anderson Noise releases “Anderson Noise, his countryman Renato Cohen and the young German breakthrough artist Mirco Niemeier” – an absolute burner with powerful remix support of his two mates. The title track of this EP is a slowly but steadily developing Techno bomb, which leads into pure ecstasy with a true percussion thunderstorm. Anderson Noise’ good buddy Renato Cohen adds an oldschool charm and improves his remix with his famous individual note. As a second track, “Spark Marks” is another Techno hit, which tends to become a real peaktimer just like its predecessor with hihats, cymbals and lots of effects. In addition, the very techy remix of Mirco Niemeier perfectly completes the package.


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texture of the gray concrete wallincl. Remixes by Tigerskin & Kisk

Miguel Rendeiro is one of the best artists, the electronic music scene from Portugal has to offer. Meanwhile also well-known across the borders of the country Miguel plays in London today, in Berlin tomorrow, an afterhour in Barcelona and at the most important festivals in South America. With a very keen sense for details and a pronounced dynamism, not only his DJ sets make up true experiences, but also his productions are a real feast for the ears.“See You Later” makes you nod your head right from the start. Unstoppable a fusion of strong beats and phat basslines makes its way that brings the listener into a trance after a divine break. The Italian Kisk remixed the original and plays with loungy synths combined with driving rhythms, that deliver a wonderful summer hit 2016. And another remix comes from Tigerskin, who incorporates the certain Berlin charm firstly, experiments on the other side with groovy Tech-House sounds and presents “See You Later” in a whole new light.

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The likeable Italian Chris Venola began his musical journey in the mid 90s. Starting with and inspired by the piano, he began his career in 2005 under the pseudonym Silentalk, when he remixed the French band Curl. Over the years, numerous EPs and remixes were released on various international labels, now Chris is working with Circle Music. Here he was given the opportunity to express his love for music even stronger and to release with “Sixteen Miles” a successful tech-house debut on that German imprint.
world of circle

CIRCLE MUSIC means continuous movement but not going round in circles, pure power yet brilliant soundscapes, various styles but one entire element – the perfect groove. Circle is best suited for dance floor use as well as for driving around in the city or listening comfort somewhere on the outskirts of your hometown. The Label consistently followed his vision of a musical community, a familiar environment which covers a great range of styles and approaches of producing and performing electronic music. The World of Circle Compilation is different to usual V.A. compilations you heard so far. It’s much more than a musical statement of a label giving a definition of its sound. It’s a personal statement of all featured artists because all tracks are presented exclusively on this compilation. Every artist is personally involved in the World of Circle. Alex’ companions are gifted people like Leandro Gamez, Ara, Namito, Robert Babicz, Audiofly, Leandro Gamez, Chaim, Lopazz, Stryke & Santos, Valentino Kanzyani, Bryan Zentz and many more producers and djs of the world’s top league. The first CD makes the vision of the united artists’ family come true as Alex has prepared gorgeous DJ-Mix and incorporated some more talents who go alongside his successful path: Southsoniks from France, Dan Corco or Peter Corvaia are also part of the community which he is founder of. The styles range between slightly minimal, tricky tracks, techhouse and finest techno pearls. The World of Circle prepares for a major victory against faceless commercialisation and repetition of what is already known as good and famous. A great mixture that captivates the senses and relieves your soul – a cocktail for multiple occasions with great flavour. This is the complete, uncut story of a unique label – don’t miss!For more information: circle music homepage