4059473195863sunshine live “Classics” ist die erfolgreichste wöchentliche Show im Programm von Deutschlands Electronic Music Radio Nr.1 sunshine live!
Endlich gibt es wieder eine Compilation Reihe dazu, mit den besten und legendärsten Klassikern, u.a. von 2Unlimited, Scooter, Snap!, Benny Benassi, Tiesto, Faithless, Robert Miles und vielen mehr!

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Forteba – Pictograms


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Out Now – incl. all classic releases from Carl Cox, Thomas Schumacher, Blake Baxter, Tube & Berger, Lützenkirchen, DJ Madskillz, Alex Flatner & more

Tom Wax presents AWeX – The Ultimate Future


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Out Now – incl. Tracks fro Florian Meindl, Black Lotus, Porteix, Quentin Ravn, AVGUSTO & many more

Various Artists – FLASH Back 10


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Gloryhammer – The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)


Django (Brett Halsey) says goodbye to his good friend David to make his way to the house of his girlfriend Jane Harris. This has kept him $ 10,000, which he wants to buy a piece of land. But when he gets there Jane is dead and he himself is attacked by seven men who beat him to death – as they accept at least. But Django seriously injured survives and finds seven silver dollar coins. Henceforth, he leaves on his vendetta with each victim a coin. In a saloon he finally meets a man, whom he considers the leaders of the seven men and he follows him to his hiding place. There Django encounters also the mastermind behind the assassination plot. It is his “friend” David! It comes to the decisive duel …

Near the Mexican border, the late 19th century, the young Dart (Giancarlo Prete) goes to the Texas Rangers. Together with his colleagues McAthos, Portland (George Eastman) and Aramirez (Leo Anchóriz) he protects the American-Mexican border. Explore the three that the businessman LeDuc (Eduardo Fajardo) has come through negotiations with Mexican President Ortega illegally mining rights. The Ranger now do everything possible to thwart the dark machinations Leduc. But for this they have to resist not only a force karate fighting Asians, but also encounter a powerful German circus troupe and straining their luck at cards …

The new label “White Pearl Classics” brings old but outstanding movies back into the market on DVD and/or via VOD. Some of these movies are released the first time on DVD. In the first batch there are movies like “Der Gnadenlose Ritt” (starring Harrison Ford), “Hängt den Verräter” (starring Lee Marvin), “Adlerschwinge” (starring Audie Murphy), “Keoma 2 (starring Franco Nero), “Auf Zorros Spuren” (starring Anthony Steffen, Diana Martin), “Atom U-Boot” (starring Stuart Whitman), Sierra (starring Audio Murphy, Tony Curtis) and “Der Teufel von Colorado” (starring Barbara Stanwyck).

The first release dates will be in October 2015 and continues step by step in the next following months.

Attorney General Florestan Mississippi (O.E. Haase), the world wants to reform with Moses “tooth-to-tooth-law,” his childhood friend Saint-Claude (Martin Held) sees in Karl Marx the rescue. The third-gooders Count Bodo von Überlohe-Zabernsee (Hansjörg Felmy) is a Christian dreamer. Fulcrum of the event is Anastasia (Johanna von Koczian) that has poisoned her husband. She confesses Mississippi murder. After her Monsieur Mississippi has confessed in return, he had also killed his faithless wife, marry the two. Later lands in the political intrigues of the fanatics a shot in the madhouse, the other is that the third party seeks solace in alcohol – and Anastasia, the beautiful and callous woman ultimately a cold careerist (Charles Regnier) the hand is sufficient to collar. A triumph of evil? No, that’s in the world, and so it will go on forever.

Out now on VOD and EST: „Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi“.

The rousing alpine drama “Der Berg ruft” shows Luis Trenker in one of his most famous roles: as Italian mountain guide Tonio Carrel. The focus of the film is the authentic competition two cliques to the ascent of the Matterhorn. Through an intrigue manages a group under the leadership of the Englishman Whymper the first to reach the summit. The Italians defeated Carrel then returns a few meters before the finish line to be disappointed. On the descent into the valley happens misfortune. Three of the victorious climbers plunge to their deaths and Whymper is suspected to have cut the connecting cable to save his own life. It comes to a dramatic trial. Whymper’s situation seems hopeless. Only the broken rope could prove his innocence. But this rope remains seemingly untraceable back to the Matterhorn.

Beginning of 1940, German generals want, who do not identify with Hitler’s total war, the British play about another German war plans. The conspirators call their secret company “Black Chapel”. In Rome the middlemen of the “Black Chapel” with the British trying to contact. But the counterintelligence of the Gestapo is a constant threat. When the secret courier in love with an SS agent, the mission seems to fail …

Starring: Peter Eyck, Ernst Schröder and Ralph Habib.

Out now on VOD and EST platforms.

The movie “Flucht nach Berlin”, directed by Will Tremper, is about The East German farmer Hermann Güden who has from the government-arranged harassment of the SED superiors enough. He is no longer willing to submit to the forced collectivization in his home village in Saxony-Anhalt, as this state offers him no future. And so he plans long beforehand to flee to the West. Güden initially sends his wife and child in the western part of Berlin and wants as soon as possible descendants. But the SED apparatchiks get wind of it. In the heat of battle Güden beaten the partisans Baade and then flees.

Starring: Christian Doermer, Susanne Korda, Narziss Sokatscheff and Gerda Blisse.

A documentary about the return of Pierre Brice to the original locations of the Winnetou films. The Winnetou films with Pierre Brice and Lex Barker are cult nowadays. From 1962-1968 Brice rode as chief of the Apaches in 11 films by the Croatian prairie and mountains. Millions of moviegoers and television viewers are later remembered the adventures and romantic scenes in the former Yugoslavia. The myth Winnetou lives through the movies (“Winnetou 1-3″, “The Treasure of Silver Lake”, “Among Vultures”, “The Ölprinz”, “Old Surehand”, etc.) to this day. In addition to the main cast, the other contributors of Mario Adorf, Götz George and Uschi Glas to Elke Sommer and Ralf Wolter are unforgettable remained in their roles.