It’s Christmas time…: Family, traditions and human flesh.
While his colleagues enjoy the Christmas party, Michael Briskett broods over the figures from the last general ledger report. He’s not invited to the Christmas party, but that’s not bad, he wouldn’t have gone anyway. Michael loves his work. But when his attractive colleague Cindy invites him to dinner with her family at Christmas, Michael is thrilled. But the invitation ends for him in hell on earth: Michael is supposed to land on the kitchen table as a roast himself and soon finds himself in the cellar with other people, who are also planned as ingredients for the big feast…

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Cat.No.: DWP1339 (DVD) / DWP1330 (BluRay)
Release: 26th October 201

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“90 minutes of normal madness”. A wonderful comedy for the whole family! Dr. Lisa Leland is a brilliant young surgeon who unfortunately lacks any compassion for her patients. She sees her future at the side of her rich friend in a luxury clinic for the rich and beautiful. On the way to this new super job, Lisa remains in Normal, a 300-soul village where she has to have her car repaired. In addition, she is thrown by a judge, who is also the doctor and pastor of the village, on two days of charitable work, because she can not pay her penalties (in the absence of a cash machine).

B Normal ist anders 2

For a few days, she is forced to admit the life and the people in this village and refrain from her usual luxury and modern means of communication. But the apparent curse turns out to be a blessing. Because what Lisa is experiencing about herself, her life and God changes her view from the ground …

Take a ride into the „Sharknado – Feeding Frenzy“ (German: „Sharknado – Der ganz normale Wahnsinn“) with a documentary geared to entertain while exploring how a Syfy creature feature become a unimaginable franchise and surprise phenomenon capturing the zeitgeist. With such a ridiculous name and premise, the movie about a shark-filled tornado destroying Los Angeles, Sharknado, was considered career suicide. However, when the Sharknado film finally premiered on SyFy, a social media conversation exploded, and news outlets ran with it. As a result, the film, cast and filmmakers were catapulted into the pop culture stratosphere! Why? How? Can filmmakers create lightning in a bottle again and again?

“Sharknado – Der ganz normale Wahnsinn“ street day: 22th August 2015 on DVD and VOD.

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