On June 26th, Michael Jackson’s death has its fifth anniversary. The circumstances of his passing are unresolved to date. Can it be true that something has been concealed from all of us? What was the role of politics? What was the role of the intelligence services? Is there probably an explanation why Michael was fought against so hard? Did he know facts that were a thorn in somebody’s side?Three New York lawyers are confronted with an unexpected visitor who, as he claims, wants to reveal the truth about the circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death to them. Initially still very sceptical, Jennifer, Warren and Phil slowly get in a breathtaking story and find out about a network of intrigues and political conspiracies, which indeed finally indicates a murder. But why? What was the reason for this murder? Being heavily under pressure, the three have to come to a decision. Should they accept the case and risk their lives? Be prepared for extensive information that will heavily shatter your world view. Expect a highly suspenseful thriller that mercilessly boils down the international political situation. This movie opens a door to a yet unknown world of malice and hate, in which Michael Jackson had to spend almost his entire life.It was a long way up to the realization of this movie. Again and again the preparations had to be interrupted, but what finally emerged is quite impressive: Michael Jackson’s death was a murder and was planned long beforehand! Who’s behind all this will be revealed in “Pan’s Last Song” and can be seen in the internet from June 2014 on! …if the movie is not banned due to hypocritical legal causes… However, truth will come out at some point! And: we are many. Spread this movie among friends and people you know!
Trailer: Pans letztes Lied