It’s time for something fresh and new. From the beginning of 2020 we will close the site and route to our new URL and brand YOMU Distribution. For our partners and retailers nothing will change, except from our Email contacts.

For more information on our services please visit

In the last weeks we have implemented some new features and functions to improve your workflow with the Content Management Console (CMC):

NEW: Clone Bundle

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-24 um 13.36.42To simplify the creation of similar products (e.g. for different release strategies or just very similar bundles), you can now clone an existing bundle. The “clone” will contain the same tracks, territories, price tiers and distribution channels, also the complete metadata except from catalogue number, EAN/UPC code and of course the cover artwork.

NEW: Trend Figures Status

As the daily trends in the analytic section are only estimated and not 100% reliable sales figures that we get from the shops by feed, there’s not guarantee that the shops have actually provided us with current figures.

Under Analytics -> Audio -> Trend Status you can see which shop has provided us with daily trends or not (yet).

NEW: Youtube Claims (Beta)

On the product info page you can now see which Youtube Videos have claimed the audio tracks included in your bundle (if your channel is managed by daredo GmbH). Please not that the tab loading time may be a bit longer.

This is an important information for our customers:

From 2016 we will relaunch the / digedo Content Management Console (CMC) and add many new features that you have been waiting for:

  • Indivudial release date for streaming-portals 
  • Streaming rights can be selected and de-selected 
  • single track pricing
  • new menu structure
  • brand new delivery system
  • improved traceability of product delivery to portals

and many more.

For this update the Content Management Console will be offline for a complete update of the CMC System from December 28th 2015!

On Tuesday January 5th 2016 the new CMC will be online including new features and design. During this time the system will be down. Already delivered products are not concerned by the relaunch.


The Producer 2 is fully integrated into the CMC (Content Mangagement Console) and will replace the old Deeep-Producer. The complete redevelopment allowed to implement many new and useful features: bulk import, create compilations per drag and drop, preselection of the stores, additional textfields, enhanced pricecodes, and a lot of other features, which facilate the daily work. Additional extensions specially for classical music and movies will follow, soon.

We’re proud to announce the introduction of the CMC (Content Management Console) with a backend for all our customers with direct access to all essentiell tools needed for the daily work incl. sophisticated statistics, fast overview of the development of sales, downloads and streamings, download of statements as PDF and Excel File and an individual comfortable User Management. The CMC also includes a cloud service for all your content including secure creation of download links to provide your business partners with mp3 or wave files of your tracks.



We’re proud to announce our newest development: The Deeep Producer. This tool brings you (a label or an aggregator) the full control over the delivery of digital distribution of your catalog. No XML knowledge is required. Simply enter labelcopies and upload the master and graphic files. You can also determined genre, release dates and any pre-sales for specific stores. Setting for delivery to your digital distribution has never been so easy! Once complete you ‘re releases are on the way to all download stores. Also compilations can be created quickly and easily without having to initial treatment all the tracks of your own catalog, which were published before, again. Furthermore, the system has a full quality checking. So if you upload something wrong by mistake or in a wrong format – don`t worry – the Deeep Producer will check it and inform you what need to be changed.