The Film Festival of New German Cinema from Berlin-Brandenburg is Berlins third biggest film festival . achtung berlin – new berlin film award will again present from April 15-22, 2015 new motion pictures, documentaries and short films which have been produced or shot in Berlin-Brandenburg. With a focus on film creation in the German capital city region, the film festival has made an unmistakable and distinctive mark on the film landscape. In the meantime, achtung berlin – new berlin film award has become the third-largest film festival in Berlin (next to the famous “Berlinale”), attracting a lot of attention from moviegoers and film professionals alike.

The film competition is organized along these categories: “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg”: motion pictures and documentaries, “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg: medium length and short films”, “Berlin Highlights” and “Berlin Documents”. The variety of different genres and themes couldn’t be better with a combination of promising films from a new generation of film makers, artistic, low-budget films presented with award-winning productions and international co-productions.

This year, achtung berlin, Dailymotion and daredo cooperates in presenting the Trailer from the festivals and the presented films.

achtung berlin | Festival Trailer 2015 von achtung-berlin

achtung berlin | Festival Trailer 2 2015 von achtung-berlin

Maybe you had an affecting and great year like us. We wish you all a happy and successful new year 2014! Also we want to say “thank you” to all of you for the support and the help and for the interest in our products and services. For the small time period between Christmas and the new year, daredo and CiNENET present the „Happy New Year 2015 | | Action, Adventure @ Comedy Special“ collection with movies like “Die Schneekönigin”, “Redwing – Flucht vor den schwarzen Droiden”, “Die verrückten Wikinger”, “Kalle und der Engel”, “Endlich Frauenheld”, „Hercules – Die grosse Schlacht um Hellas”, „Nobody Knows Anything“, „Der Gesundheitsinspektor“, „Django – Tag der Vergeltung“, „Serious Moonlight„ and “Robin Hood“ to all of you.

Direct Link: Happy New Year 2015 | Action, Adventure @ Comedy Special @ CiNENET Germany


“Christmas” is a compound word originating in the term “Christ’s Mass”. It is derived from the „Middle English“ Cristemasse, a phrase first recorded in 1038 followed by the word Cristes-messe in 1131. On Christmas, people exchange gifts based on the tradition associated with St. Nicholas. Because of this, CiNENET Germany presents the „Christmas Special 2014“ playlist with Christmas and fairytale films like “Das Wunder von San Francisco”, “Charles Dickens – Scrooge”, “Eine total verrückte Bescherung”, “Das letzte Einhorn kehrt zurück”, “Die Schneekönigin”, „Golden Winter”, „Das Weihnachtswunder“, „Dr Engel von Nebenan” and “Briefe an Gott“ as a gift to all our fans and supporters from CiNENET.

Direct Link: Christmas Special 2014 @ CiNENET Germany

MEM is a post-apocalyptic Western Web series which takes place in the Antarctic of the 24th century. Life in Antarctica is possible after a devastating war with biological weapons, where the last people fight for their very survival. A Government does not exist, the level of technology is located in the early industrial revolution. Those who do not live in the settlements, have joined together either in small communities and farms or live isolated from all social structures. The neo natives keep covered and belong to an own nature Federation forming faith community.

MEM is a pure independent production and was made possible through the tireless efforts of all those involved. Co-financed by the crowd of Startnext.

CiNENET Germany: MEM – Die Serie (complete), Startnext: MEM – Die Serie, Facebook: MEM – Die Serie.


The CMC Video Producer is a completely new programmed console to upload, manage and statistically review your video content. It complements the Audio Producer and is also fully integrated into the CMC (Content Management Console), allowing the customer to use various features, such as pre-setting the monetizing options for YouTube and full statistic control over viewer figures, the viewer’s countries of origin and other information. The CMC Video Producer is serving YouTube, as well as MyVideo and Dailymotion in the near future.

cmc-video-prodcer-2013-II.jpgFor more information, please visit: CMC Producer