Drehwerk – Sittin On Da Groove (Plastic City. Play)

Andreas K. and Sergej K. – better known as Drehwerk – came into contact with electronic music very early on. Andreas, whose work as a light and sound designer at different events gave him many insights into the DJ scene, soon became a familiar name in electronic music. He began pursuing his interest in the genre by creating his own first tracks on his computer before turning to DJing. He made his debut as a DJ in 2002, playing his first technoid sounds at various clubs. It wasn’t long before his enthusiasm spilled over to his younger brother, Sergej, who started off rocking the turntables – and the crowds – with house sound in 2005. After some time, they decided to launch a joint project, which they dubbed Drehwerk, to bring their distinct flavour to the musical world. What they achieved was a groovy driving style inspired by Chicago and Detroit House with modern elements of Techno and Miniaml, a unique sound experience created from their depth of feeling for the music! In 2006 they start with their first digital EP, which took the clubs by storm and also hit high in the Beatport, Juno and iTunes charts. Today, Drehwerk are working on their vinyl releases together with Brothers Vibe on Mixx Records, New Jersey and Artists from Frankfurt like Chris Wood, Meat and Dorian Paic for the Vinyl Labels Houseworx, Underground Ltd and Inclusion Records.

Available Format: mp3.