Flyzik is an independent underground music download store. It has been built with continuous input from music lovers, producers, label managers and DJs. They feel a really deep love for what we do. That’s why they provide their users with the flyest selection of electronic music and black music worldwide. Their main focus is put on catalogue quality. The selection policy is strictly quality vs. quantity oriented. Their A&Rs are located across the world and work day and night to find rare gems and cutting-edge unknown masterpieces, far beyond the mainstream. Alongside very fair prices, they propose unique recommendation features for the highest user-friendliness and music discovery. On top of that, they also sponsors and produce recurrent events and parties in Barcelona, Ibiza, London, Amsterdam, Miami and Sao Paulo, some of the world’s hottest spots for clubbing.

German films still lead a shadowy existence on the internet. On the large video platforms are only offered a fraction of the total German film history since German films often do not have the same commercial value as Hollywood productions. Without a special platform that addresses the task of making both known and unknown German films available online, nothing is going to change this situation. So this is why www.alleskino.de was born. alleskino is a private initiative, the film producer Hans W. Geißendörfer (“Die Lindenstraße”) and Joachim von Vietinghoff (“Die Werckmeisterschen Harmonien”), as well as Andreas Vogel, managing director of the companies transfer media GmbH and filmwerte ​​GmbH goes back.

For our eBooks and audiobooks customers, we added new interfaces as well as updated some of our existing interfaces specifically for spoken words. The new interfaces and updates include libri, DiViBib and the German national library.Since 1999 the Libri.de Internet GmbH with their brand Libri.de the leading e-commerce company in the book and media area and a pioneer in the eBook business. Because of a strong growth, the company changed the name of the online portal from Libri.de to the name eBook.de brand and positioned itself as the eBook experienced specialist in the digital future market. The portal includes 6 million products, from books and With the particular ease, the extensive range and expert, personalized service eBook.de is the premier destination for eBooks and eBook Readers eBook for both beginners and professionals.The DiViBib GmbH based in Wiesbaden (Germany) runs the “Onleihe”, the leading platform for digital lending libraries in Germany. The DiViBib GmbH was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Wiesbaden is the only full-service provider for public libraries in the field of digital content. The DiViBib is a subsidiary of ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH, the leading full-service provider for libraries in Germany. The DiViBib GmbH is a member of the ” Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels” (English: “Association of German Book Trade”) and sustaining member of the “Deutschen Bibliotheksverband (dbv)” (English: “German Library Association”).The German National Library (German: “Deutsche National Bibliothek”) is entrusted with the task of collecting, permanently archiving, bibliographically classifying and making available to the general public all German and German-language publications from 1913, foreign publications about Germany, translations of German works, and the works of German-speaking emigrants published abroad between 1933 and 1945. The German National Library maintains co-operative relations on the national and international level. It is, for instance, the leading partner in developing and maintaining rules and standards in Germany and plays a significant role in the development of international standards. It is a federal institution with legal capacity under public law.

As a leading independent digital entertainment enabler, Mondia Media create and operate digital entertainment solutions for their partners across the globe, ranging from telecom operators and hardware manufacturers to media companies and broadcasters. Regarded as a world market leader in the B2B digital entertainment market with live services in over 100 countries worldwide, they today enable more than 350 million euros in revenues for their clients. With the ‘Mondia Entertainment Universe’, they established a fully convergent all-in-one solution at a high level of technological expertise. They offer our partners the service of managing, distributing and billing the entire portfolio of entertainment content (Games, Music, Videos, e-Books, Apps etc.) from a single platform – worldwide and to any device (Smartphones, Tablets, Smart-TVs).As an end-to-end provider, they cover the entire value chain, from licensing, production and distribution of different media types, to payment, storefront marketing and customer support. Mondia Media offer their business partners complete outsourcing solutions as well as customised service models. For example, they developed, deployed and currently run the ‘PlayNow’ store for Sony Mobile. This store offers Games, Music, Apps, e-Books and more. It is pre-embedded on Sony smartphones in around 75 countries worldwide. In addition to their Hamburg headquarters, Mondia Media has offices in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, New Delhi, Rome and São Paulo. Their client base includes companies such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, ProSiebenSat1, Sony Mobile, Swisscom, T-Online, Samsung, América Móvil, Telecom Italia, Al Arabiya and Dubai Telecom.


Intergroove Media GmbH, founded in 1995 and based in Offenbach am Main, is one of the leading independent media distributions. Intergroove provides manufacturing and distribution of CD/DVD, BluRay and Vinyl for over 600 Labels and Publishers. In 2007 the company established “Intergroove Digital” to ensure the distribution and handling for the digital products of their partners. Right now the digital content includes about 15.000 Tracks from labels like: Die Opposition (Luxuslärm), Al Massiva (Massiv), Liberatio Music (F.R.E.I.), Cécille (Nick Curly), 8BIT (Gorge) and much more… We´re proud of to announce, that from April 2013 Intergroove Digital will use our technical system (digital service provider) to distribute all digital new releases as well as the back-catalogue.
Over the last few years, electronic music’s popularity has exploded, making it one of the music industry’s fastest growing segments. While artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Bassnectar and David Guetta, have attracted the lion’s share of attention by mainstream audiences, the underground music scene is as strong as ever. Although the space has evolved, the model for buying tracks has not. For the most part, both aspiring and established DJs still find themselves acquiring music the old fashioned way – listening to a limited preview and buying the track based on that preview, or simply pirating it. Pulselocker is a platform for the next generation of DJ and promises to disrupt the digital download market. Pulselocker is the first music subscription service that gives DJs access to millions of tracks, playable on the most popular mixing apps, online or off. Their unique subscription service gives DJs the unprecedented freedom to stream full-length tracks, download songs and DJ them out – before they decide to buy, and buy only the ones they want to keep.


We’re proud to announce the introduction of the CMC (Content Management Console) with a backend for all our customers with direct access to all essentiell tools needed for the daily work incl. sophisticated statistics, fast overview of the development of sales, downloads and streamings, download of statements as PDF and Excel File and an individual comfortable User Management. The CMC also includes a cloud service for all your content including secure creation of download links to provide your business partners with mp3 or wave files of your tracks.



mondo africa (homeland of music) is the digital distributor for African music. They are distributing African Music to all relevant download shops, streaming services, electronic bookstores and video hosting services worldwide using the deep technology. They´re focusing exclusively on African music to hold the best expertise for African music artists, producers and labels when representing them to international digital music outlets. mondo africa has offices in Mombasa (Kenya) and Berlin (Germany).

jazztribution, based in Berlin (Germany), is the digital distributor for Jazz. They are distributing Jazz worldwide to all relevant download shops, streaming services, electronic bookstores and video hosting services. Their exclusive focus on Jazz give jazz artists, producers and labels the needed expertise to represent their music to multigenre outlets and specialists alike.
With WiMP, a new project from the Norwegian media company Aspiro, you can experience and discover music in a new way. Their editorial team consists of passionate German music experts. They will lead you to great music recommendations from huge range. You do not need to download mp3s or purchase CDs or even add tracks on your iPod. You just need one of their apps, a computer or your phone, and you have access to a huge music catalog with millions of titles. If you want to hear an album or a song, simply click on it. The music will be streamed directly over the Internet and don´t has been downloaded first. And if you’re out and about, no problem. In the offline mode, you can transfer your favorite music on your mobile always with you and listen anywhere – without a cell phone or internet connection.