For our eBooks and audiobooks customers, we added new interfaces as well as updated some of our existing interfaces specifically for spoken words. The new interfaces and updates include libri, DiViBib and the German national library.Since 1999 the Libri.de Internet GmbH with their brand Libri.de the leading e-commerce company in the book and media area and a pioneer in the eBook business. Because of a strong growth, the company changed the name of the online portal from Libri.de to the name eBook.de brand and positioned itself as the eBook experienced specialist in the digital future market. The portal includes 6 million products, from books and With the particular ease, the extensive range and expert, personalized service eBook.de is the premier destination for eBooks and eBook Readers eBook for both beginners and professionals.The DiViBib GmbH based in Wiesbaden (Germany) runs the “Onleihe”, the leading platform for digital lending libraries in Germany. The DiViBib GmbH was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Wiesbaden is the only full-service provider for public libraries in the field of digital content. The DiViBib is a subsidiary of ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH, the leading full-service provider for libraries in Germany. The DiViBib GmbH is a member of the ” Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels” (English: “Association of German Book Trade”) and sustaining member of the “Deutschen Bibliotheksverband (dbv)” (English: “German Library Association”).The German National Library (German: “Deutsche National Bibliothek”) is entrusted with the task of collecting, permanently archiving, bibliographically classifying and making available to the general public all German and German-language publications from 1913, foreign publications about Germany, translations of German works, and the works of German-speaking emigrants published abroad between 1933 and 1945. The German National Library maintains co-operative relations on the national and international level. It is, for instance, the leading partner in developing and maintaining rules and standards in Germany and plays a significant role in the development of international standards. It is a federal institution with legal capacity under public law.


Bookwire is a young company with experienced managers based in Frankfurt, the city of the Book Fair, specialising in the marketing of digital content in all existing and emerging sales channels. They offer publishing houses the opportunity to tap into the rapidly-growing market for eBooks and audiobooks with a partner in the digital field – quickly, competently, independently and cost-effectively. From mid of June 2013, Bookwire is using our DSP-system to distribute their audio content.


Because of our intention to be a full digital technical service company for music, movies, apps and books, we now start to work with Apple Inc. and it´s bookstore called “iBooks” as well. iBooks with its iBookstore is an e-book application, which was announced in conjunction with the iPad in 2010 and works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is also capable of displaying e-books that incorporate multimedia. In january 2012 Apple Inc. announced the free release of an update of iBooks, which can operate in landscape mode and allows for interactive reading. This announcement was done on an education-focused special event in New York City. In addition the iBookstore was expanded with a textbook category.For more information about the program and the bookstore, please visit: iBooks