Life — a moment — smile. Alphawezen are Asu Yalcindag and Ernst Wawra from Aix-la-Chapelle and Düsseldorf, Germany. They met 1999 and worked on three albums so far. The 2CD Snow/Glow” with remixes for example by Nightmares on Wax and The Timewriter was released in autumn 2009. The fourth album is planned for 2012.

Chris Zippel wrote with the Pet Shop Boys & German band “Ich und Ich”, and remixed tracks from artists like Robbie Williams, Schiller and Snap!. With his very own project ‚Genuine’, he launched the Nu Ambient Scene. Former Berliner Chris Zippel has now occupied his own sweet-sounding enviroment on the island of Ibiza, where he is developing together with Alphawezen new Sounds and Tracks.

Pending the release of their fourth album to date in 2012, Alphawezen are back, after a two-year break, with a new single entitled “Smile”, co-produced by Chris Zippel. “Smile” interweaves soft, melancholy strains into the fabric of summer sprightliness. A song about the gentle sense of the sleeting nature of all things, which leaves us no choice but, with a bittersweet smile on our lips, to plunge headlong into life…

Under their nom de guerre Alphawezen, Ernst Wawra and his singing comrades-in-arms have already demonstrated their expertise in the weird and wonderful world of electro-apparatus. Their three sound carriers, “L’Après-Midi d’un Microphone, En Passant and “Comme Vous Voulez”, floated with somnambulistic lightness and poise over the fertile no-mans land between the genres of trip-hop, house and electropop, hovering over the fine line between art and kitsch. A typical Alphawezen recording session is less like a composers studio session than a conspirative get-together, replete with elated twitterings and chirpings, murmured and whispered exchanges of secrets and piquant remarks. On his third album Alphawezen takes us through the vast realm between experimentation and calculated effects.

To translate yearning and dreams of faraway sceneries into beautiful and unheard sounds is what makes pop duo Alphawezen aka Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag so special. Their second album „En Passant (succeeding their fine effort „ L Après-Midi d un Microphone) comprises of 12 songs full of fleeting moments, the basic mood of which swings between soothing melancholy and mellow serenity. Sublime as in the title track, thoughtful as in „Speed Of Light, friendly as in „Sommerzeit or cool as in „Welcome To Machinarchy. „En Passant comes with such consummate ease as if being produced en passant. But it soon becomes obvious that the album is thoroughly thought through and done with complete mastery. Alphawezen playfully explore the realm between art and kitsch, experiment and calculation, yearning arrangements and hypnotic dance tracks. Some will storm the dancefloor as soon as „Welcome To Machinarchy sets in, a charming bow to 1980s New Wave hymns. And some will smilingly remember their first disco adventures, pondering all the mistakes, entanglements and states of confusion of a time long gone. If you move from disco to disco you will gladly discover some fast moving tracks in this diverse offering. If you like to travel at home, you will find it pleasing to travel with Alphawezen. The album „en passant reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing.