The Year 2006 has been the most successful year for Felix Kröcher so far, because of your support! With his first Gig at the Mayday in Dortmunds´ Westfalenhalle and his Set at Loveparades final happening at Berlins Siegessäule two of his biggest dreams came true. He still get creeps thinking of his national Gigs at Nature One, Ruhr in Love, Winterworld and of course my many international Bookings in Belgium, The Netherlands, Croatia, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republik and very special Japan! With over 100 Events all of you, such as friends, bookers, Organizers, DJ-Colleagues or Producers, supported him and made the year 2006 so very special to him, going down with your sensational RAVELINE-Voting for Felix Kröcher on rank 2 in the category “DJ National”. These are the outstanding Votings: DJ National – #2 Best Compilation – #3 Newcomer – #1

Compressed Records Artist and Label A&R Felix Kröcher is nominated for “Best Newcomer” at German Dance Award 2006. The ranking in last year´s Raveline magazine proves his popularity: Best radio show: #2, Best DJ national #7 – knocking out a lot of star-DJs. The German Dance Award will handed out on September, 2nd at the ICC in Berlin. The Winners will be voted by a Jury of DJs, Artists and Procuders like Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Timo Maas, Tom Novy, Pascal FEOS, The Disco Boys, Moguai an many more. In 2006, Compressed Records released Felix Kröchers Debut Album “Forward Movement“. Nominations “Best Newcomer”: Felix Kröcher Oliver Koletzki Digitalism Patrick Chardronnet Trentemøller For more infos: Dance Music Award Felix Kröcher DJ Dates: 04.08.2006 – Nature One (Day1), Kastellaun (Germany) Century Circus 05.08.2006 – Nature One (Day2), Kastellaun (Germany) U60311 meets Abstract Bunker 11.08.2006 – Tunnel, Hamburg (Germany) 12.08.2006 – Streetparade @ Rohstofflager, Zürich (Schweiz) 12.08.2006 – Pro-Jekt, Oostend (Belgium) 19.08.2006 – Reincarnation, Hannover (Germany) 02.09.2006 – Wire 2006, Yokohama (Japan) 08.09.2006 – Butan, Wuppertal (Germany) 09.09.2006 – Q-Base, Weeze (Netherlands) 16.09.2006 – Universal Dog, Lahr (Germany) 23.09.2006 – Club Factory, Ljubljana (Slovenia) 02.10.2006 – Alpha-Festival, Schwerin (Germany) 21.10.2006 – Club Zoreks, Lleida (Spain) 28.10.2006 – Rock Inc., Lüdenscheid (Germany) 10.11.2006 – Mayday, Katowice (Polen) 17.11.2006 – Apokalypsa, Brno (Czech Rep.) 18.11.2006 – Mixery-Dancefield, Duisburg (Germany) 01.12.2006 – U60311, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) 26.01.2007 – Awakenings, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Felix Kröcher (Compressed Records) Radiodates: jeden Freitag auf Radio Sunshine Live / Hardliner 00:00 – 02:00 Uhr Tourdates: 14.4.06 Flugplatz – Allstedt (Germany) 16.4.06 Pressure Festival – Neumarkt (Austria) 21.4.06 U60311 – Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) 30.4.06 Mayday – Dortmund (Germany) 05.5.06  Jungle Club – Sevilla (Spanien) 06.5.06 Technobase – Graz (Österreich) 12.5.06 U60311 – Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 15.5.06 Dj Meeting – Duisburg (Germany) 20.5.06 La Cova – Barcelona (Spanien) 24.5.06 Club Sonic – Plattling (Germany) 26.5.06 Kne Deep Night – ??? (Slovakien) 27.5.06 Mixery-Dancefield – Köln (Germany) 03.6.06 Montagood Festival – Madrid (Spanien) 09.6.06 Suppkultur – Koblenz (Germany) 17.6.06 Kaisertanz – Koblenz (Germany) 25.6.06 Velvet – Ingolstadt (Germany) 24.6.06 Ruhr in Love – Oberhausen (Germany) 24.6.06 Soundtropolis – Berlin (Germany) 30.6.06 U60311 / Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Hardliner is an succesful, weekly radioshow on Sunshine live. The Showis on Air every Thursday from 00:00 bis 02:00. Hardliner is hosted by Felix Kröcher which is introducing and mixing the newest Hardtechno-records there. Hardtechno is the future trend from Techno and Schranz music. It’s more powerful, harder and impulsive. Last but not least has the increasing popularity of this music contributed that Hardliner is enjoying a great reputaion across Europe and so is the show one of the most sucessful platforms for Hardtechno. Felix Kröcher is very excited to focus his collected experiences from countless Radioshows and dj-mixes on a single Mix-cd. Felix Kröcher is without doubt an Artist which had put his own stamp on the Hardtechno-scene. Already as a ten year old boy he has collected his first dj-skills. In the year 2001 came the point which had changed his life…irritated from the school etc. he has took the decision to apply for a job at his favourite radio-station Sunshine live…Since 2002 is Felix a member of the editorial staff from Sunshine live and from this time on his career has been more and more succesful. Besides his radioshow with illustrous guests like Chris Liebing, Gayle San and Marco Remus, headliner bookings on the side from Umek, Johannes Heil, Dave and others he hasn’t missed out his own outpout. Last but not lease has his good work as A&R for Compressed Records inserted an important part to establish Compressed in the Hardtechno-scene. Even his first record on Compressed the „Frontline Ep“ has found great favour under the folks… For the Hardliner compilaton Felix really had to rack his brain over but he managed to resurrect the current who-is-who of the Hardtechno-scene for his project. Beside the young, upcoming heroes from the german scene like Dj Amok, Frank Kvitta and Sven Wittekind are also the masters of hard sounds from overseas represented by Dj Bam Bam, Martin Hare and Paul Langley appearing on this mix. Mixed impulsively and hard-hitting like every mix from Felix is especially the multifaceted Tracklist which is going from funky Chicago-slammers over Danceclassics-Bootlegs to awesome bashing Hardtechno-tracks an guarantee for an energy loaded mix…Hardtechno at it’s Best!! visit directly buy at