The 13th achtung berlin festival is Germany’s leading film festival for independent films and will be showing more than 80 movies this year – and Darling Berlin’s latest darling “Beat Beat Heart” by director and screenwriter Luise Brinkmann will be the opening film and, of course, taking part in the competition!

The highly acclaimed movie tells the story of Kerstin, who is daydreaming her way out of a broken heart, when suddenly her mother, Charlotte, rings at her door, needing a place to stay. For mom has accidentally broken up with her common-law spouse and does not know where else to go now. Both women handle their yearning completely differently, when Kerstin‛s housemate convinces Charlotte to start dating men, via app. So, mom brings different men to the house, while Kerstin‛s daydreams are consistently interrupted by the reality that love has become a hopeless place for modern age dreamers.

Beat Beat Heart” screenings:
19th April, 20 h, Kino International (opening of the festival)
21st April, 21.15 h, FAF 1
22nd April, 20.15 h, Neue Kammerspiele
24th April 18 h, Lichtblick-Kino

More information on “Beat Beat Heart“:
Beat Beat Heart @ Darling Berlin

One of the surprise hits of the last years in the horror trash for the first time complete with all 4 parts in a box for the super price! Uncut versions!

American Poltergeist 1: Fall River, Massachusetts – A group of friends settle down in a vacation home to celebrate and spend a few immersive days. However, they inhabit a house with a dark past. A girl of the group immediately feels a strong connection to the house and at the beginning still sees herself playful, but in the course of the days, more dangerous poltergeist activities. Suddenly the group fought against the most frightening poltergeist of American history. Taryn and their friends go through the naked horror and fight for naked survival …

American Poltergeist 2: After having a wild party night with her friends in the Borely Forest, the young Paige feels persecuted. At night strange things are happening in their apartment, and a supernatural, invisible force threatens them and, as it turns out, their friends, who had celebrated the party with her in the forest. One by one comes strangely to death. In Todesangst, Paige is now investigating the forest in Borelyan and revealing a frightful secret. But can she still reassure the restless spirit, who seems to be frightened by his desire for revenge?

American Poltergeist 3: A remote old farmhouse is exactly what the freshly married young couple Ted (Justin Arnold) and Lauren (Andrea Nelson) wanted and so they rent it short. However, they are not all alone in the old house. An old hermit lives in a room and warns the two new arrivals of strange events in the night. A warning, the two at first smile. But even in the first night there are strange lights and eerie noises.

American Poltergeist 4: After Joker’s Wild’s Horrorfilmpremiere in a US suburban cinema, a madman in the Clowns costume Amok ran and randomly shot the visitors, the daughter of the owner, Aurora (Lacy Marie Meyer) opens the cinema only one year later again. It is to be a feast that makes all the critical voices of the victims’ relatives fall silent. Congressman Arthur Butler has also announced his visit. But the spirits of the deceased have only waited for this moment and the large-scale reopening becomes a death party.

B Amercian PoltergeistBox 2

Everyday life in the global reproduction work: Nadja is a housekeeper with a wealthy family in Greece, by the way, she cares lovingly around the children. It is treated as part of the family and feels like one. Then comes the fate: At Nadja a serious illness is diagnosed and in addition the economic crisis melts the wealth of the family. The master of the house Stefanos gets into financial hardship – and finally dismisses Nadja. In social coldness, she can not be aware of her precarious situation, but the social class differences step by step to the surface: up or down, at home or alien, with or without health insurance, so are the present contrast pairs. But Nadia does not want to lose the emotional attachment to the family, in which she has spent so much time …

“90 minutes of normal madness”. A wonderful comedy for the whole family! Dr. Lisa Leland is a brilliant young surgeon who unfortunately lacks any compassion for her patients. She sees her future at the side of her rich friend in a luxury clinic for the rich and beautiful. On the way to this new super job, Lisa remains in Normal, a 300-soul village where she has to have her car repaired. In addition, she is thrown by a judge, who is also the doctor and pastor of the village, on two days of charitable work, because she can not pay her penalties (in the absence of a cash machine).

B Normal ist anders 2

For a few days, she is forced to admit the life and the people in this village and refrain from her usual luxury and modern means of communication. But the apparent curse turns out to be a blessing. Because what Lisa is experiencing about herself, her life and God changes her view from the ground …

Not a good day for the ever-drunk Captain Ray Brady (Casper Van Dien). After a long time he has a job again and can rent his ship for a sea burial. But before the corpse can be buried, a shark monster with octopus arms reaches for the dead and devours him along with a part of the horrified mourning community. Ray receives a mission from the voodoo priest to bring the monster to the track. In the meantime the German-born scientist Dr. Elsa Reinhart (Catherine Oxenberg) tries to get the battered baseball player Felix Rosa (Mario Arturo Hernádez) back in shape by combining his DNA with that of a Wales and a wolf. As it turns out, a serious mistake, because Rosa mutates immediately to whalewolf! It does not take long and the two monsters meet for an ultimate fight …

B Whaelwolf

Finally the master of the trash horror is back with the new part 3 of the cultic Sharktopus series! On Sharktopus, his toughest opponent is waiting this time: Whalewolf, a mixture of killer whale and werewolf! The ultimate fight starts and stars like Casper van Dien (Starship Troopers), music legends Iggy Pop and Catherine Oxenberg (Denver Clan) are in the middle instead of only!

The two siblings Ryan (John Paul Rutton) and Emma (Ella Ballentine) wanted to visit their father in Africa and spend a wonderful weekend with him. But the small supply aircraft that she is supposed to bring to him is in serious turmoil and they must land in the middle of the Serengeti. Since the entire radio system is destroyed and the pilot is hardly conscious, the siblings and Huskie Chinook have to go on a dangerous journey through the wilderness. After they were able to free a young elephant bull from a desperate position, they also have an imposing protector at their side. However, you will only be able to defy all dangers and win the race against time, if they hold tightly together and face their fears …

The success story of Part 1 is back and an exciting adventure hit with fantastic animal recordings in the second round! A must for fans of the first part or films like “Wolfsblut” or “Der weiße Löwe”!


Press releases:
“It is a great pleasure to be able to experience all these animals in their natural habitat in a film.” (

“We are very happy to be able to lend this fantastic film to our family-friendly entertainment seal. For all who appreciate a good story, with many animals.” (

“An exciting adventure film, also for younger children.” (

“A lot of excitement, charity and a little humor make this movie the perfect weekend movie.” (

On the coastline of Windholm one morning 15 years ago the ocean just disappeared. Since then the emptiness has been raising questions and anxiety. The cause of the phenomenon remains unclear. With a new theory at hand the physicist Micha (28) is one of many young scientists who is trying to get his hands on to one of his university’s rare scholarships to explore the phenomena. After the many years of work he has put into the project he must once again see how a bold idea ends at the doors of the antiquated establishment – he receives a rejection.

At the same time Jana (31), daughter of the institute’s boss and Micha’s former colleague on the project, resurfaces at the university. This doesn’t make the situation any easier for Micha. A year ago she left him and the project and ran off to Portugal. Jana has now returned to put a definite end to her scientific career – but there is something else: Jana has to clarify something with Micha. When Micha decides to take the trip to Windholm to prove his hypothesis despite the rejection and without official permission she joins him.


In Windholm the young scientists are confronted with the remains of a village community that has never been able to overcome their trauma. On the day the ocean disappeared – so did all the children from the village. But have the kids really drowned that day? Their bodies were never found. Micha clings to rational thinking and only the scientific phenomenon is of his concern. But as his measurements take longer than planned the village pulls him deeper and deeper into its spell. Micha meets Hanna (19) the only remaining child. She tries to rebuild the neglected public pool, guides tourists through the village and is convinced that the kids are still out there somewhere. Jana strikes the thought that it is no coincidence that Micha and her have been lead to this place.

Abandoned houses and playgrounds, a small footprint on the empty ground of the ocean, the room of a boy who dreamt of becoming an astronaut – this is where Micha and Jana have to come to terms with their own past and a loss.

Directed by Sebastian Hilger, written by Nadine Gottmann, starring Max Mauff (“Victoria”), Lana Cooper (“Love Steaks”, “Beat Beat Heart”) and Swantje Kohlhof.

Schwarzer-Panther-DVDAfter years, Emilie (26) meets her brother Jakob (22). With him she shares not only the loss of the parents, but also a secret … On Emily’s wish, the jointly-inherited holiday home is to be sold in the Swiss Alps. The young entrepreneur is dependent on the money as opposed to skateboard professional Jakob.

The business of her parents, which she took with her friend Andreas (29), is highly indebted. Emilie deliberately tries to distance herself from emotions, which have been successfully displaced over the years. But Jacob’s direct and unrulled nature is increasingly shaking her cool façade.

The vastness and unspoilt nature of the mountain landscape offers the two an unfamiliar freedom. But the more Emilie represses reality, the more Jacob wants a decision about their common future. The rational relationship with Andreas and the deep affection for Jakob are inevitably opposed. But can the two siblings really live a love that must remain invisible?

How did a provincial rabble-rouser from Austria rise to become Germany’s messianic “Führer”? Why did Germans from all walks of life embrace the fascist Nazi philosophy and willingly follow Hitler into a titanic conflict and utter destruction? Joachim C. Fest and Christian Herrendoerfer‘s meticulously assembled film dissects the Third Reich with a keen analytical blade, charting Hitler’s improbable rise, his mastery of imagery and crowd psychology, and his consummate skill in exploiting the weaknesses in others. Examining the public and private dynamics of Nazism’s unhinged dictatorship by making use of an amazing array of never-before-seen film footage from secret archives and private collections, “Hitler – A Career” uncovers the deeper causes behind the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich.


Including footage of Adolph Hitler, Eva Braun, Josef Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Benito Mussolini, Erwin Rommel, Albert Speer, Paul von Hindenburg, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Neville Chamberlain, Charles Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Ernst Lubitsch and many more…

71ntAMs-5YL._SL1200_For the first time and finally on DVD and VoD: The legendary Western with Ronald Reagan in the original German kinofassung (including original English soundtrack). Digital reworked!

The smart Vance Britton (Ronald Reagan) and his brother Jeb (Bruce Bennett) are on various sides during the American Civil War. Suddenly, the Sioux Indians are also drawn into the blazing conflict, because the unscrupulous trader Sam (John Ridgely) supplies them with firearms. Not only Sam’s wife Julie (Rhonda Fleming) distanced herself from this crooked business. The brothers also fight against Sam and the “Reds” for a decisive battle …