Mole Listening Pearls proudly announce that Žagar received the Fonogram Award for Light Leaks album in the category of the Best Electronic Music 2014. This is the most notable prize of the Hungary’s record industry. Žagar are a five piece psychedelic electronica band based in Budapest that are turning heads across the globe with their forward thinking sound design, catchy melodies and multi sensory live shows.Their new album ‘Light Leaks’ explores expansive cinematic dreamscapes created with their perfect blend of cool guitar riffs, vintage synth sounds, psychedelic effects and Kraftwerk style vocoders. The lyrics and sonic textures weave a narrative through the album about, inner conflicts between the rational down-to-earth mind and its restless, dreamy, other half.For more info, please visit: Light Leaks


Mole Listening Pearls artist Yonderboi won for the third time the “Fonogram Award” for the “Best Electronic Production”. After wining previously the trophies for “Shallow and Profound (2000)” and “Splendid Isolation (2005)”, Yonderboi got also the price for his current third album (and closing part of the trilogy) “Passive Control” by the Hungarian Music Industry. “Passive Control” has an elusive feel of utopia, which can be explained easily by Yonder’s love for science fiction ever since he was a kid. Jean Gireaud Moebius, the legendary French comics artist, Russian sci-fi movie “Kin-Dza-Dza” or Hungarian cult-film “Meteo” are just a few examples for his inspirations during the production of “Passive Control”. The album was released in Hungary in cooperation with CLS Music.

For more information, please visit: Yonderboi artist page