When six-year-old Sophie is tragically orphaned, guardianship is assigned to her estranged aunt Annabelle. The two move into a large, eerie, Victorian house where Sophie unearths a locked wooden box with a strange symbol drawn on it. Desperate to connect with her niece, Annabelle pries the lock open, revealing a beautiful music box. Each time the music box is wound and replayed, its surprisingly chilling melody plays slightly longer, captivating Sophie even more. When the music box begins affecting Sophie’s behavior and health, Annabelle seeks the aid of a child psychologist and clairvoyant who soon discovers that the music box is possessed by an evil spirit who seeks to haunt Sophie and destroy Annabelle. As the haunting intensifies, time begins to run out and Annabelle finds herself racing against the music box’s melody to defeat the spirit before the last note plays…

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Cat.No.: DWP1590 (BD) / DWP1599 (DVD)
Release: 24th May 2019

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It’s Christmas time…: Family, traditions and human flesh.
While his colleagues enjoy the Christmas party, Michael Briskett broods over the figures from the last general ledger report. He’s not invited to the Christmas party, but that’s not bad, he wouldn’t have gone anyway. Michael loves his work. But when his attractive colleague Cindy invites him to dinner with her family at Christmas, Michael is thrilled. But the invitation ends for him in hell on earth: Michael is supposed to land on the kitchen table as a roast himself and soon finds himself in the cellar with other people, who are also planned as ingredients for the big feast…

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Cat.No.: DWP1339 (DVD) / DWP1330 (BluRay)
Release: 26th October 201

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One of the surprise hits of the last years in the horror trash for the first time complete with all 4 parts in a box for the super price! Uncut versions!

American Poltergeist 1: Fall River, Massachusetts – A group of friends settle down in a vacation home to celebrate and spend a few immersive days. However, they inhabit a house with a dark past. A girl of the group immediately feels a strong connection to the house and at the beginning still sees herself playful, but in the course of the days, more dangerous poltergeist activities. Suddenly the group fought against the most frightening poltergeist of American history. Taryn and their friends go through the naked horror and fight for naked survival …

American Poltergeist 2: After having a wild party night with her friends in the Borely Forest, the young Paige feels persecuted. At night strange things are happening in their apartment, and a supernatural, invisible force threatens them and, as it turns out, their friends, who had celebrated the party with her in the forest. One by one comes strangely to death. In Todesangst, Paige is now investigating the forest in Borelyan and revealing a frightful secret. But can she still reassure the restless spirit, who seems to be frightened by his desire for revenge?

American Poltergeist 3: A remote old farmhouse is exactly what the freshly married young couple Ted (Justin Arnold) and Lauren (Andrea Nelson) wanted and so they rent it short. However, they are not all alone in the old house. An old hermit lives in a room and warns the two new arrivals of strange events in the night. A warning, the two at first smile. But even in the first night there are strange lights and eerie noises.

American Poltergeist 4: After Joker’s Wild’s Horrorfilmpremiere in a US suburban cinema, a madman in the Clowns costume Amok ran and randomly shot the visitors, the daughter of the owner, Aurora (Lacy Marie Meyer) opens the cinema only one year later again. It is to be a feast that makes all the critical voices of the victims’ relatives fall silent. Congressman Arthur Butler has also announced his visit. But the spirits of the deceased have only waited for this moment and the large-scale reopening becomes a death party.

B Amercian PoltergeistBox 2

C Schizoid FSK18The big Klaus Kinski movie from the legendary studio Cannon Films (Hellbound, Missing in Action) finally and for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray and VOD! When nearly all the female members of his therapy group are cruelly murdered by an unknown killer, the leader of the group, the psychiatrist Dr. Peter Fales (Klaus Kinski), falls under suspicion. Luckily, however, the journalist Julie (Marianna Hill) is also treated with him because she believes she is on the trail of the real culprit. In the course of her investigations, she soon finds herself in a life-threatening situation, but she only realizes that she herself receives strange murders with the post office.

Press releases:
“A really trashy slasher with a brilliant Klaus Kinski!” (Hysteria-lives.co.uk)
“David Paulsen directs the directorially in an anxiously exciting psycho-thriller, which is dominated by Klaus Kinski in the leading role. (Deliria-italiano)
“The film really offers a few nasty moments, including a quasi-trailing psycho-show scene.” (Blu-ray.com)

Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s last unfinished story! An absolute must for fans of the Horrormeister, who has created legendary classics like “Living”, “Bull the dead” or “The Daming” with Vincent Price! Plus a pinch of “The Fog” …

An angry storm has killed the young man J.P. (Matt O’Neil) shipwreck on a deserted beach of a peninsula. When he awakens without orientation and without real memory of the previous night on the beach, he sees above the cliffs a lighthouse, which sits there like a lonely guard. For a short time, he also sees the figure of a young woman on the beach before the old and peculiar lighthouse keeper Walsh (Vernon Wells) assures him that they are both the only people on this part of the peninsula. The only way back to civilization is a ferry that lays down on the beach every two weeks. The footpath through the mountainous hinterland is impassable at this time of the year. J.P. Tries to adapt to the situation, but he hears strange voices and visions, in which he sees a young blonde woman. In addition, nightmares plague him with a creepy, faceless phantom shape that stretches its claws after him. The lighthouse seems to guard a very dark secret, which is not to be discovered …

Press releases:
“A very atmospheric Gothic horror story, as you could only think of the master of literary horror.” (Dreadcentral.com)

“Really good, creepy horror fun!” (Horrorcultfilms.co.uk)

During filming for her final project, five film students watch a mysterious fireball shooting down the sky and then hitting the horizon far away. Convinced that it is a meteorite, they are on the way to the assumed impact point, in order to document the phenomenon with their cameras. In a remote forest area they find a burnt snow. Since it is already too dark to film, they set themselves up for the night. The next morning they must realize that one of them is missing. In the search for the missing, they first encounter a bloodstain and then make a horrible find: the tattered remains of their friend. When the students want to return to the car in panic, they get lost and get deeper and deeper into the wilderness. They soon realize that they are not alone there – for something is hunting for them. Something that is not of this world …

From the makers of the surprise hit “The Presence”! Cool German Horrorkino with Laura Berlin ( “Rubinrot”, Prince Pi “1,40”)!

halloween2016_1500x1000Halloween, a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It initiates the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. Typical festive Halloween activities include “trick or treating”, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and watching horror movies. Because of this, CiNENET Germany presents the „Halloween 2016 Horror Special“ playlist with films like “Zombie War”, “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies”, “Haunting of Whaley House”, “Clown Of Fear” and more!

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What is even more ultimate than the best or craziest Trashfilm? The lead singer of the most successful boy bands of the 90’s like Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and Joey Fatone united in a film in the fight against zombies.

In a post-apocalyptic world, have taken power in the undead, is a group of fearless gunslinger liberate a small town from a zombie plague. Jack (Nick Carter) has set itself the task of the Gunslinger and a modern samurai in an unbeatable team, to unite “Dead 7″. Only if they all stick together, they are the bloodthirsty walking dead one can carry into the next world for all. But with its plans they had not insane voodoo priestess Apocalypta (Debra Wilson) on the bill. This has found a way to control the walking dead, and is planning to overrun the rest of the world with their army and enslave …

From the creators of Sharknado series and the zombie hit series Z Nation. A must for all horror and trash fans. Could not be better. As a special surprise the title song “In The End” was recorded together.

Nancy (Jamie Bernadette), Daniela, Gem, Stephanie and Annie, five old high school girlfriends, decide after many years, once again on a weekend together to do something. And what place could this be more appropriate to talk about old times, as a lonely, secluded mountain cabin? But soon, the apparently only half-heartedly planned trip into the wilderness to pure survival, because the five from coming from the path and get lost in the depths of the forests. Then when the first of them comes on very mysteriously to death, the panic is growing. The forest itself it does not seem to want to skip its fangs now …

At an American university dangerous animal experiments on baboons are carried out under the direction of Professor Sorensen. The scientists and students will be put to a severe test. The sprayed, new means to actually curb aggression, but results in the baboon Shakma the exact opposite! He is put to extremely aggressive and at the last second! The danger seems spellbound and therefore the student group meets at night in the dark laboratories to replay a known computer game. Unsuspecting, the killer baboon Shakma back to life and also makes in the dark to hunt in order to take revenge on the students …

For the first time digitally remastered and in the Original Widescreen Theatrical Version: The famous cult film with a mixture of “Link, the Butler” and “Planet of the Apes” is one of the best films in the genre “animal horror”!

“Increasingly oppressive expectant horror thriller about a runaway baboon takes revenge on his tormentors for animal experiments.” (Video.de)

“Exciting movie about a baboon, which is transformed by drugs for killer apes.” (The Sci-Fi Movie Review)