Human Resource – Dominator (mp3 EP) – Noom Records

Initially “Human Resource” had 4 members: Guido Pernet (Producer- MC) Johan Van Beek & Jasper Drexhage (Keyboards) & Robert Mahu (Stage Mixer). They were joined too my 80 AUM Rapper & former pro basketball player Larenzo Nash. Chicago US born Nash was the infamous voice used on “Dominator” in 1991. “Dominator” was a huge success, one of the first records ever to use the “Hoover” effect, which was created using a Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser. HR released their first EP / Album entitled “Dominating the World”. This was very early house in style & extremely different from “Dominator”. As 92 began & Human Resource prepared to embark upon new ventures & succeed with more releases. At This time Johan Van Beek quit the group. Pernet didn’t want another Keyboard player so instead hired a Rapper, the former MC of Quadrophonia Marvin D. He stayed with the group until 1995 before leaving to start his own label with his childhood friend Ray Slijngaard from 2 Unlimited, in which time HR had released such tracks as “Rave-O-Lution” & “Fuck Them” as well as another Album “Kicking Noise of Rotterdam”. At this time (end of 94 / start of 95) the Rave scene has evolved onto unique styles, now known as Gabber / Rotterdam Hardcore. Since this time Human Resource have joined forces with Maurice Steenbergen of RTS (Rotterdam Termination Source) & Zeno Zevenberg of T99 to form RTS-HR. This venture proved very sucessful and re-releases, and remixes of Dominator surfaced influenced by the Dutch festival named after the HR classic “Dominator”. Noom Records proudly presents a package with six versions of this “all time classics” including the original version and the legendary Frank De Wulf remix as well as new remixes from Commander Tom and DJ Hell.

Available Format: mp3.