The new label “Darling Berlin”, which also brings the movie „Love Steaks“ into the cinemas, stands for fresh and uncommon independent movies from the German capital. Often underfunded but with so much the more lifeblood, a whole new generation of filmmakers and actors is shooting comical, touching, down-to-earth movies. No conventions. No compromises. With lightness and a bizarre humour. The hearts of the Berlin audience are already captured, and daredo media has now set itself to make these movies accessable to the rest of the world. To reach this, all possible channels will be served. Some movies will start with a classic cinema start, other films will be starting on VOD platforms. Furthermore some movies will be available for fee. „Stiller Frühling“ from Nico Sommer and starring Tom Lass, Thorsten Kaphahn, Livia S. Reinhard is such an example. Starting this weekend, the movie is available at YouTube and Vimeo in full length on the channel “Darling Berlin“. The movie is about Sebastian, who is 21 and has never been with a woman. His patience is at an end! However, neither the advice of his sprightly grandfather nor the abstruse methods of his therapist can really help him ease to reach out to others. Slowly he begins to break out of his thoughts jungle ….

This week we´re releasing two high recommended electronic albums from the brilliant artists J. Axel from Sweden and Superluminal from Poland on the labels Plastic City and Mole Listening Pearls:

J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Plastic City)
The shadow is an unlit place or a signal generated by a light projection image of a body, caused by itself. Shades in the summer provide coolness and rest. In painting, a shadow gives visual and spatial depth or the perspective to an object, in the first place. The second album by J. Axel explores the musical shadow in Tech House. The Swedish producer places lightweight objects in a glistening Cosmos of Sound and projects its shadows over the entire range of musical moods, emotions and landscapes. The cloud’s shadows are flitting across the sea and protect against the dazzling sun. And it was exactly out there where our battered and sensitive, everyday-stressed souls were lost on a white beach at the Baltic Sea one afternoon in August. The album is a summery meditation, throwing romantic full moon shadows even deep in the night. Right here, music has a function, is tangible, and floods and warms our minds and bodies. J.Axel’s new album is a masterful play of shadows.

Superluminal – Pacifica (Mole Listening Pearls)
Superluminal are a production trio from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 2011. Superluminal performs electronic mus√ic, saturated with colour, teeming with expression, resonating with dynamics, luxuriant in depth and full of other relevant nerdy scientific verbal equations. Superluminal are Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity – these are the four main forces governing the stability of our reality. Just like the perfect balance of melody, harmony and rhythm render absolute music. Their Debut Album “Pacifica” strives to find this balance and exceed the established criteria of electronic music production with no compromises, encompassing influences from jazz, rock, soul, modernism, film, photography and graphical art. Superluminal is not afraid to play its music live – with almost infinite amount of cables connecting synthesizers, laptops, midi controllers, microphones, guitars and saxophones, in a seemingly chaotic fashion. Superluminal is – coherence, manipulation and reason.

Nico Sommer, who had already been awarded in 2013 with the achtung berlin – new berlin film award for his highly acclaimed movie SILVI, has now won the Best Director Award for his second film „Familienfieber“! Ten Years of creative capital cinema, ten years of courageous cinematic art, ten years a home for filmmakers and cineasts. The achtung berlin – new berlin film award celebrates its tenth anniversary and for one week, it offers what it’s best-known for: fresh movies from Berlin-Brandenburg! The German press was enthusiastic about the movie, here are some quotes: „Here, a noisy, earthy comedy is melting with a quiet and profoundly staged drama – but Sommer’s actual achievement, his genuine finesse lies in the fact that the movie appears so natural and unaffected as it was a documentary.“ (Der Freitag, weekly journal by Jakob Augstein)„The director (…) has succeeded in what not many young directors are able to achieve: to prevail in a difficult industry. And even more so: he gives the main points with innovative concepts of directing. He re-thinks the genre: film 2.0.” (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine)

We´re proud to announce, that the new “sunshine live, Vol. 49“ compilation, which was released on Uptrax Records in cooperation with daredo music on the 28th of March 2014 and digitally distributed via digedo, reached top-positions at the top download stores in Germany, for example:Sunshine live, Vol. 49 @ iTunes:# 39: Album Charts# 04: Dance Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ Musicload:# 15: Musicload Album Charts# 03: Musicload Dance ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ amazon.mp3:# 38: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts# 03: Top 100 mp3 Dance Electronic Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ Google play:# 29: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts
DigedoNews Charts Compi-SSL49.jpeg
Radio Sunshine live is the biggest electronic music radio station in Germany. Electronic music, 24 hours a day, which makes the program of Radio sunshine live unmistakable. You can listen to Radio Sunshine live via FM in Germany (Baden-Württemberg and parts of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz), in Berlin (Germany) also via DVB-T, in the German cable network, via satellite in Europe and worldwide via the Internet. Because of this, Radio Sunshine live is also one of the most important interfaces in the communication between producers, DJs, promoters and between the advertising industry.

Ten Years of creative capital cinema, ten years of courageous cinematic art, ten years a home for filmmakers and cineasts. The achtung berlin – new berlin film award celebrates its tenth anniversary and for one week, it offers what it’s best-known for: fresh movies from Berlin-Brandenburg! Nico Sommer, who was awarded with the 2013 achtung berlin – new berlin film award for his highly acclaimed movie “Silvi”, presents his second film “Familienfieber” – which also was realized through crowd funding and improvisation – in the ‘Made in Berlin-Brandenburg’ / Best Movie contest, being one of ten full-length feature movies.On the film: At some point, they have to meet finally: Alina and Nico are in love as of late and have decided to introduce their parents to each other – notoriously a venturous enterprise. And so, Maja and Uwe are reluctant to their daughter’s plan. Nevertheless, the family hits the road to the “big house” of her boyfriend, as Alina announces it, somewhere in the Berlin hinterlands. After the house turns out to be a genuine castle, Maja has to face the additional fact that she knows Nico’s father much better than she would prefer in this situation. One thing’s for sure: that sounds great! Familienfieber is a ravishing, tragicomic “family setup”, where director Nico Sommer gives his actors plenty of room for spontaneous improvisations. Maybe the “nucleus of society” is already a phase-out model?

Our little raw flesh love story has just won both the Outstanding Award in Film Editing and the Grand Prize at the First Time Fest of the Museum of Moving Image in Manhattan, which took place from April, 3rd until April, 7th 2014 in New York! This is an incredible honor for the film’s cutter Gesa Jäger, who contributed a good portion to the ingenuity of the movie with her unbelievable talent. The jury has confirmed this in its statement: “The Outstanding Achievement in Editing goes to Gesa Jäger for Love Steaks (Germany), whose editing work – lively, adventurous and precise – brilliantly captures both the breakneck pace of restaurant work and the more languorous, tentative pace of budding romance.” Congratulations, Gesa!!! But there was still more to come – the jury also considered Love Steaks as a whole such a great movie that they awarded it with the Grand Prize of Theatrical Distribution – and this will certainly help us a lot in bringing Love Steaks into cinemas all over the U.S.! Enjoy the jury’s statement here: “Love Steaks (Germany), the Grand Prize Winner of Theatrical Distribution from Cinema Libre Studio, is a beautiful love story, told with candor, that evokes the behind-the-scenes madness of the restaurant and resort world. Funny, audacious, touching, and brilliantly acted and directed.” What else could be said…?

Trailer: Love Steaks, Spot: Love Steaks, More information: Love Steaks

Germany’s most important film prize, LOLA, has announced the nominees for this year’s award ceremony on May, 9th 2014 – and „Love Steaks“ is on the list, among commercial productions like „Fack Ju Göthe“ or „Finsterworld“. We are very proud to be part of this top list of this season’s German movie productions. The LOLA is Germany’s most prestigious and includes prize money of nearly 3 million Euros.With „Love Steaks“ we tell a love story in which two ways of life collide: “do good” versus “live hard”. Clemens and Lara are having a tough time living out those principles within their traditionally hierarchical workplace. Yet that’s how they meet, love and challenge one another. Eventually “doing good” will do harm. And “living it hard” will leave you weak. A fight for love evolves. To fit in the Fogma method, the two actors worked with the hotel staff even when not shooting. By not using written dialogue we could actually participate in real procedures. The actors followed a skeleton script, but constantly had to react to the real world around them. For six weeks the hotel employees very strongly related to our story, shaped it and pushed the scenes to a new intensity.

More information: Deutscher Filmpreis

We help you to welcome the spring in a musically way: Just listen to the new sunshine live CD vol. 49 – with again more tracks and hits! How come? Quite simple: CD1, 2 and 3 are brim-full with the latest tunes and stunners from your favourite radio station’s daily programme and DJ shows – sunshine live! The new musical concept features the current hits of Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. DVBBS & Borgeous, The Discobrothers & Cuebrick, Ram feat. Susana, Tiga vs. Audion and many more… As always, available in a very stylish 3D Digipak or as a download.

For more information, shop links and the trailer, please visit: sunshine live Vol. 49

“Love Steaks” starts in cinemas over Germany

Director Jakob Lass tells his story in rapidly changing images that drag the viewer in the characters’ life in an almost hallucinatory way, and he doesn’t shy away from humor, too. „Love Steaks“ is a nice example for the fact that many movies are created at the editing suite, as the editing work is the most inspiring time for many directors. If the material that was created in the making of the film is so rich and colorful that it inspires the editor to new highs, movies are created, of such density and suggestive force that the audience forgets the cinema surrounding. „Love Steaks“ is “not only a movie but a gift to the audience which is simply brimming over with energy, enthusiasm, colors and love, and shows once again what cinema is able to achieve”, the Saarbrücken jury explains its decision.„Love Steaks“ has won all four advancement awards at the Filmfest Munich for the first time in history, namely “Best Movie”, “Best Production”, “Best Theatrical Performance” and “Best Script”, it was awarded the Max-Ophüls-Preis at the Saarbrücken Film Festival in 2014 and it caused a sensation at several film festivals around the world (Slamdance, Karlovy Vary, Montréal et al.).

For the label Darling Berlin and as the distributor, daredo is more than happy for the team winning all this prizes! Finally, „Love Steaks“ is listed in the pre-selection for the German Filmpreis 2014, the six final nominees being announced tomorrow, Friday the 28th of March.

Love Steaks Preise.jpg
Some comments from the press about „Love Steaks“:“Love Steaks“ is characterized by a nice schizophrenia of spontaneity and calculation, that testifies much more of a maverick approach to making movies than many other German newcomer hits have, that are also dealing with exploring the lifeworlds of Twenty- and Thirtysomethings. Just because the movie doesn’t follow the Hipster idea of stylizing the Zeitgeist but rather is dragging its style out of the Zeitgeist.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)“The hidden but relentless triumphal march of “Love Steaks“, the wittiest German comedy of the season, reminds of what happened to „Oh Boy“ two years ago, and to „Kohlhass“ last summer: finally, we have again popular movies that were not made from the willingness to compromise but from uncompromisingness.” (Franfurter Rundschau)“Love Steaks“ opens the windows wide and admits reality to come in. And not this German pseudo-realism in movies, somewhere in between commercials and TV series, that is often so frustrating, but a virtually overwhelming here and now.” (Spiegel)“Cinema as such cannot be more unpredictable and exciting!” (Cinema Magazine)“Ingeniously improvised – this movie hits you right between the eyes!” (TV Spielfilm Magazine)“„Love Steaks“ impressively shows that the Nouvelle Berlin Vague is definitely something to reckon with in the future.” (Zitty Magazine, Berlin)“He and his team call it Fogma – the self-given rules that forbid artificial elements such as studio shoots but give room to spontaneity in order to let the ‘flow’ emerge. Which works perfectly here. To see how Lara and Clemens attract and repel each other is comical, touching and moving at the same time, it comprises an explosive force rarely to be found in movies.” (AZ, Munich)

More information: Love Steaks; Cinemas:

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