This week we´re releasing two high recommended electronic albums from the brilliant artists J. Axel from Sweden and Superluminal from Poland on the labels Plastic City and Mole Listening Pearls:

J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Plastic City)
The shadow is an unlit place or a signal generated by a light projection image of a body, caused by itself. Shades in the summer provide coolness and rest. In painting, a shadow gives visual and spatial depth or the perspective to an object, in the first place. The second album by J. Axel explores the musical shadow in Tech House. The Swedish producer places lightweight objects in a glistening Cosmos of Sound and projects its shadows over the entire range of musical moods, emotions and landscapes. The cloud’s shadows are flitting across the sea and protect against the dazzling sun. And it was exactly out there where our battered and sensitive, everyday-stressed souls were lost on a white beach at the Baltic Sea one afternoon in August. The album is a summery meditation, throwing romantic full moon shadows even deep in the night. Right here, music has a function, is tangible, and floods and warms our minds and bodies. J.Axel’s new album is a masterful play of shadows.

Superluminal – Pacifica (Mole Listening Pearls)
Superluminal are a production trio from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 2011. Superluminal performs electronic mus√ic, saturated with colour, teeming with expression, resonating with dynamics, luxuriant in depth and full of other relevant nerdy scientific verbal equations. Superluminal are Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity – these are the four main forces governing the stability of our reality. Just like the perfect balance of melody, harmony and rhythm render absolute music. Their Debut Album “Pacifica” strives to find this balance and exceed the established criteria of electronic music production with no compromises, encompassing influences from jazz, rock, soul, modernism, film, photography and graphical art. Superluminal is not afraid to play its music live – with almost infinite amount of cables connecting synthesizers, laptops, midi controllers, microphones, guitars and saxophones, in a seemingly chaotic fashion. Superluminal is – coherence, manipulation and reason.

Today is Big Release Day! We have 4 Releases Today:
Superluminal – Pacifica (Mole Listening Pearls) Order your copy here.
J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Plastic City) Order your copy here.
Smilla – Drehmoment (Harthouse) Order your copy here.
Morris Jones – Love Me Loud (Proton Records) Order Your Copy here.
True temples of peace could be find in many cities behind the facades of houses. Green idylls shielded from the bustling noise of the streets. Even a large town such as Plastic City has this shady backyards. Maybe something grows beside the music flow of the label sound, but this alternative vibe also represent several Plastic City artists. Terry Lee Brown Junior combed through the quiet courtyards of Plastic City and put together this new brilliant Complilation from this small pearls from the label archives. With sounds from The Timewriter, J. Axel, MSMS, Babak Shayan or Terry Lee Brown Junior himself, the Compilation is laidback, downtempo and chill and tears open the gate widely to the backyards of Plastic City! Available as MP3

Modern Pop Lounge (compilation)

The guiding principle behind „Moderner Pop Lounge“ is, apart from being a sound statement, an album with songs, not sounds. Well-established bands and artists such as Naomi, Ohm Square, Lemongrass, nor elle, Alphawezen and Yonderboi are presented with songs together with amazing discoveries such as The Burhorn, Johannes Huppertz, The Casino Royal and Tony Match. The album is rounded off by highlights such as Audio Lotion, Geb.el, Moodorama, Zagar or the Swedish producer J. Axel. The songs on this album don’t babble along but move heart and soul: highly distinguishable and clearly recognisable electronic music. A beautiful album and promising prospects for all lovers of good electronic music.

Available format: mp3.

J. Axel – Keep Receiving (Plastic City. Play)

“Start Receiving”, released 2009 on Plastic City, is an extraordinary Deep House album. Through the strait structures of the arrangements the voices of both vocalists are able to breathe while the romantic and melancholic synthesizer combinations create a wide and strong background for the melodies they create. In the instrumental tracks Jonathan Axelsson aka J. Axel draws fields of emotional colours that are opening like huge blossoms. Between Lounge and Deep House Jonathan turns every stone and discovers little dimensions he explores with his synthesizers. “Start Receiving” is a really big album that hits heart, body and soul directly. On this Album, J.Axel also featured the Sumatra born vocalist Astrid Suryanto, who worked with Victor Calderone, John Digweed or The Prodigy’s Neil McLellan so far. They started working together and Statra Records released their first production “You Give Me (Love)”. But one more female voice supports a track on the album: the voice of Stockholm based Zemya Hamilton. Zemya Hamilton releases singles and albums since 1989 on labels like Sonet Grammofon, WEA, EastWest or Warner, where she published her album “Trollbunden” in 1993. In june 2010 J. Axel comes back with four brand new remixes, taken from the current album, bundled as “Keep Receiving”.

Available Format: mp3.


J. Axel – This Time (mp3 EP)

The second single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “This Time”. The deep original mix is taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”. On top of this you can find two remixes from Hardcell and Devilfish on this release. J. Axel aka Jonathan Axelsson was born in Sweden, and got in touch with music very early in life since both his father and grandfather were musicians. In the mid 90´s he discovered a new type of music that would change his life forever. The music he heard was called Deep House, and struck Jonathans heart immediately. He now started to produce music in a more serious matter and in 1997 he got in touch with Johan Bacto, which later formed the label PlackTown Sounds. Jonathan was also now known as Ronin and made alot of releases on the PlackTown Sounds imprint. With alot of great feedback from radiostations, magazines, DJ´s and even television, J. Axel continued on the path of sensual, moody Deep House.

Available Format: mp3.

J. Axel – Love Letters (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

The first single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “Love Letters”. The deep original mix, taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”, is a gem of a track: Deep piano chords, handcrafted and keen beats underneath the sensual and moody vocals of Astrid Suryanto. This tune can easily be compared to productions of Osunlade, Blaze, Masters At Work or DJ Spinna…it’s fresh and has a lot of soul. Swedish musician Henrik B is on the remix due. Usually known for more techno orientated productions on labels like Zync, Primate or his own label Illgorhythm, he reworks the track into a cheeky tech house way with pumping and hypnotic patterns and nicely sliced vocal samples. Stockholm local Joel Mull teams up with producer legend Pär Grindvink for the second remix of the track “Love Letters”. The result is an incredible EP, that will cause major damages to the world’s house clubs, taking the original vibe into a more floor-orientated and forward direction with thrilling pads & chords and tight beats but still deep & sexy – one could call it “the Stockholm school of electronic – 4 to the floor – soul”.

Available Format: mp3.