Jeff Bennett – Single Minded (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Malmö based deejay and producer Jeff Bennett has over 90 releases under his belt, including numerous projects for labels such as Poker Flat or Plastic City. The Single Minded EP is excellent presentation of his eclectic sound, which builds on the old-skool detroit fundaments blended with the elements of rich European electronic music heritage. What makes Jeff special is his unique production approach that challenges established musical structures. The first track is pure tech-house built with the logic of dub, but when you put this piece in the mix with other records, it may sound as an electronic house or vanguard trance. The structure of “Quezt” is stripped down, rougher but still closer to warm Slovenian electronic architecture than straight German minimalism. Jeff finally shows his origins and proves that Sweden remains techno and house territory, although he discretely hides industrial elements behind the dubby base and tech-house drive. This release is a collection of three very different tracks, each aiming to spice part of the night at the club: one for the early evening, second for the pick of the party and the last one for the early morning.

Available Format: mp3.

Flight No. PC42 To Plastic City (mp3-compilation)

Flight No. PC42 to Plastic City is a special one. It will give you the chance to get in contact with exclusive new tracks from new arrivals as well as from the known artists of Plastic City. This time, 25 artists from four continents are aboard: Tom Pooks, Rob Pearson & Alberto Ferrante, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Adam Jace, Lukas Greenberg, El Farouki, Mecanique, Lincoln Six Echo, Budai & Vic, Stryke, Satoshi Fumi, R.T.A. feat. Katerina, Da Funk, The Timewriter, The Mulder, Jeff Bennett, Subsky, Harold Heath, Dirty Cover, Heim & Jones, Processing Vessel, Tek Killa, Denace 2 Society, Forteba and Lee Humphreys. And like throughout in a city the new arrivals and the known habitants mix each other very fast and build something innovative. Most of the tracks are specially and exclusive produced for this project.

Available Format: mp3.

We welcome Jeff Bennett and his labels Kung Fu Dub Recordings and Phunctional Loungin. From now on all releases will be available via our downloadstores TrackTracker and Humpty.In 1975 Jeff Bennett was born in warsaw (poland), but moved to sweden in 1981 and lives since then in malmoe sweden. jeff who was formerly called mike pung has been involved in electronic music since 1992 but it all began as a bedroom thing that has since then evolved into a habit. he started creating music in 1993 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his first single was to come out on his own label maskros music. since that single he has released 19 singles and has released on labels like poker flat, episode, treibstoff, audio beyond, konvex konkav etc. in 1994 he and a partner opened a record store called cosmic one records that became the first electronic record store in malmoe. with the opening of the record store the dj career got a boost and he started playing on various venues. a year after the store was opened jeff & his record store partner jim groovy started making their own one-off parties and clubs in various sizes. his latest residency was in a house club called thank god it’s friday were he played almost every friday for over a year. in 1996 jeff & jim started their first label azurite records. jeff started his own label maskros music in 1998. and the year 2000 two new labels called phunctional & kung fu dub were started by Jeff. His musical influences came from detroit. people like derrick may, juan atkins & kevin saunderson, but also from richie hawtin’s label plus 8 and the artist there like speedy j, kenny larkin etc. europe also had a big impact on him with artists like stefan roberts, 808 state, klf, dreadzone, terry lee brown junior, tikiman & labels like plastic city, svek, circulation, early network releases + many more. also a lot of reggae & dub artist like augustus pablo, lee perry, mad professor, andy horace, king tubby + many more.


03.06. Dresden-GER, X-Side Club (Jeff Bennett) 04.06. Utrecht-NL, Dominatrix (The Timewriter, Jeff Bennett) 09.06. Zagreb-CRO, Sokol Club (The Timewriter) 17.06. Budapest-HU, I love deep (Jeff Bennett) 23.06. Bielefeld-GER, Pelican (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 30.06. Karlsruhe-GER, Madame Pompadour (Terry Lee Brown Junior & The Timewriter) 06.07. Patras-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 07.07. Athens-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 08.07. Crete-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 09.07. Kalmata-GR(Terry Lee Brown Junior) 27.07. Patras-GR (The Timewriter) 28.07. Athens-GR (The Timewriter) 29.07. Crete-GR (The Timewriter) 30.07. Kalmata-GR (The Timewriter) 26.08. Budapest-HU, I love deep (Terry Lee Brown Junior & Timewriter)
(more dates coming soon)

The new album from Jeff Bennett is called “Endwise” and will be released on Plastic City in march 2006. Jeff Bennett´s earliest influences came from Detroit based acts like Derrik May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, but also from Richie Hawtin´s label Plus 8. But Jeff was influenced by European acts such as Stefan Roberts, 808 State, The KLF, Terry Lee Brown Junior and labels like Plastic City, Poker Flat, Svek or Circulation and loads of Reggae and Dub artists. After a couple of 12” on imprints like Plastic City, Middle Rec, KGBeats, Zebra3, Sensai and many more it´s time for Jeff Bennett to present his new album on Plastic City: Endwise! Jeff is always in the studio or on the road, playing clubs across the globe like the hollowed Fabric in London. All these different influences he was gathering around the world for years you can hear on this album in a compact and impressive way, creating new vibes, new sounds and a complete new sound aesthetic. And of course you can hear the experience and knowledge of a producer who can look on more than 50 releases. Consequently Captain Jeff Bennett is steering his Yacht in the name of “Endwise” through the oceans of soundaesthetics, cruising with sensitiveness and the correct intuition for the right sound selection between the dubby, housy, progressive and clubby island world. Jeff Bennett is exploring the last blank spots on the musical map gently but forcefully. With “Endwise” Jeff Bennett has created the perfect sound symbiosis: dense, atmospheric and organic sound structures – compact and showing the easiness of being at the same time. Laissez faire meets dolce far niente, with a adequate portion of melancholy and dozens of good vibes. Jeff Bennett succeeds on “Endwise” in building the perfect bow of tension with warm and pumping beats, catchy melodies and his inimitable intuition for harmonic arrangements: from the dreamy, atmospheric “The Beginning”, over the dubby “Become”, the forward pushing beats of “Metals”, “Low Gravity” with its playful airiness, the percussive “Moonset”, the acid infected “What is this” warming you up for the clubby “Believing” with its catchy hook and intoxicating bass line, giving you the ultimate Detroit House feeling, to the grandiose “Timelines” convincing with its progressive character and forward pushing beats. On the CD you can find additionally the wonderful “Man was made to suffer” that is convincing with its dubby influences, bringing the typical Caribbean melancholy with its emotional Reggae vocals, “Prototype” with its congenial lounge character and “Faster Winds” at the end. In spite of its partly melancholy “Endwise” is all along a source for the joy of living, a rare opus that is affecting us profoundly, thought-provoking and makes us dance. With its tracks “Endwise” is a figurehead of contemporary electronic dance music and is proving in an impressive manner, what is possible, if an artist is brave enough to combine different and exciting influences, having the intuition to combine all these diverse influences to one compact, organic but varied ensemble. On his endless search for perfection Jeff Bennett has arrived finally.