Mole Listening Pearls – The Collection Vol. 1 (1996 – 2000)

1996 wasn´t an outstanding year in its historical dimensions. Comet Hyakutake was discovered, and the Nintendo 64 came on the market. The 20th Century splashed slowly and gently towards the Millennium. But it was a year for a new music trend: The final neon glow and the green laser effects in dry ice fog in the 80ies were warped. The electronic music drew from the techno temples into cozy living rooms, quiet bars and comfortable lounges. A new generation has grown up and got the label Mole Listening Pearls, a new sense of life tailored to the body. In the beginning it was just an experiment: An open production with an uncertain outcome. The “Mole sound” soaked in his great sensitivity and sensuality. For the first time Mole Listening Pearls brings together a retrospective in three parts, first, the beginning of 1996 – 2000, the development of the Sound by 2001 – 2005, and ultimately the development from 2006 until today. A series from the excellent range of benefits to artists, having placed the label in the last 14 years to light: Audio Lotion, Lemongrass, Alphawezen, Naomi, nor elle, Lahr, Yonderboi, Khoiba and many more.

Available format: mp3.


2007.10.03 Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.05 Gödör, Budapest, HU 2007.10.07 Arena, Vienna, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.09 Orpheum, Graz, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.10 Backstage, Munich, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.11 Weekender Club, Innsbruck, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.12 O25, Frankfurt, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.18 U Klub, Olomouc, CZ 2007.10.24 Subclub, Bratislava, SL 2007.10.25 Fleda, Brno, CZ 2007.10.31 Roxy, Praha, CZ 2007.11.02 Velbloud, Ceske Budejovice, CZ 2007.11.08 Maschienen Haus, Berlin, GER for more information: Artistpage Khoiba

Mole Listening Pearls Artists Khoiba will be back on the road in May 2007. After two shows in Horovice (CZ) and Pilzen (CZ) the Band from Praque will perform at the Europa Vox Festival in France Cleremont-Ferrand on June. Khoiba will also release their brand new single “Ohio” in may 2007. The song is taken from the forthcoming Khoiba album “Mellowdrama”.

More informations about Khoiba: artistpage Khoiba live: 26.5.2007 | CZ | I Horovice I Labe 23.5.2007 | CZ | Pilzen | Pod Lampou 02.6.2007 | France | Cleremont-Ferrand | Chapiteau Venue, Europavox Festival

The 75th Mole album release is quite obviously not just another “Best Of…” compilation but presents brand-new mixes from well known tracks as well as new tracks of our Mole artists. On Mole 75 you can find for example songs from Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle, Alphawezen, De-Phazz, Q-Point, Yonderboi, Wax Tailor, The Lushlife Project, Airmate, Lemongrass, Marcel, Anima Sound System, Khoiba, moodorama, Calmstreet, Bassface Sascha, JFC aka Jean F. Cochois and Homegrown. Mole 75 embraces Pop for grown-ups and Drum n Bass, floating sound spaces and charming vocal arrangements, heavily blunting downbeats and funky bass lines. Mole stimulates all senses – not being typical is typical Mole! The task to define the Mole borders on sheer impossibility, as Mole manages to metamorphose into lmost anything without losing its distinctive identity. Mole moves in the realm of electronic music, so much for sure. Mole oscillates between the poles of abstraction and club suitability by consciously ranscending established genres or any kind of categorisation. The objective of Mole is to release good Music of true artists while generating positive vibes. Sounds banal, but hits the ull´s eye. Te artists and their music create an acoustic mosaic which is constantly reassembled but always remains recognisable. A paradox: although there is no typical Mole sound, you can immediately feel and sense the sound of Mole. The resolution to this paradox is anchored in the labels core ideas and the mission of the Mole artists. The mission of the artists can be found in their music with the music being their message. The core ideas of Mole include the determined willingness to foster its artists and to provide them with time and space to develop their message. Mole does not steal a glance on short-term success but has its eye on long-term building up. The resulting quality is the trademark of Mole. The whole thing is quite obviously an experiment: an open production process with unpredictable outcome – subjected to continuous control of ground-breaking potential and quality. But life in general can be seen as an experiment, can’t it? And does not nature create new forms every day? Mole is like life: incalculable, inexhaustible, multi-faceted, lustrous and prolific. Mole is constantly in motion and generates new formats. Mole is sound evolution. The quality of Mole music draws from its sensuousness. The music does not aim at superficial effects, is never trivial nor shallow but deep, pulsating, reviving, sensible, tolerant – and therefore outstanding. Mole has a smart surface and knows how to adorn itself with it. Mole invites you to take joy in the pleasures of life! Celebrate with Mole! Including a DVD with nine “Mole videos”. Here you can watch the Trailer.

The Playlist of the new Public Radio Channel of WDR Eins Live “Kunst” features several Daredo Artist on rotation. Tune into the webradio to catch the latest releases from Wax Tailor, Yonderboi, Khoiba, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Naomi or plus49.

Mole Listening Pearls Artists Naomi and Khoiba kick of the Mole Listening Pearls Label Nights celebrating the frist decade of the label in Berlin. The Gig is located in the Maschinenhaus at the Kulturbrauerei on November, 24th. Naomi will debut live their new album “Aquarium” for the first time on Stage. For Khoiba the Concert will be the second in Berlin after the Support Gig for the Cure last year Open Air at Berlins Wuhlheide. Also a Special Guest for the Berlin Show is also planed. More Mole Listening Pearls Label Nights will be announced soon…

Khoiba: 01.7.2006 Trebíc | Festival (CZ) 21.7.2006 Kun?ticka Hora (CZ) 22.7.2006 Ostrava | Colors of Ostrava (CZ) 28.7.2006 Hrachovec U Valmezu | Festival (CZ) 04.8.2006 Sázava Festival (CZ) Yonderboi 07.7.2006 VOLT Festival SOPRON (F) 08.7.2006 Scenes D’Ete Festival PARIS (F) 13.7.2006 Melkweg 5 Days Off AMSTERDAM (NL) 20.7.2006 EFOTT Festival Zamardi (Balatan) (HU) 11.8.2006 Sziget Festival, WAN2 Tent BUDAPEST (HU) 18.8.2006 Pukkelpop HASSELT (B) Wax Tailor 01.7.2006 Festival Rohan (F) 06.7.2006 Bed supperclub BANGKOK (Thailand) 07.7.2006 CCM Ventiane (Laos) 08.7.2006 International short movie festival BANGKOK (Thailand) 14.7.2006 Festival Parc des Provinces AIX EN OHT (F) 15.7.2006 Festival Nu ZIQ (+ HERBALISER & DJ Cam) NICE (Théâtre de Verdure) (F) 21.7.2006 Festival contre courant AVIGNON (F) 29.7.2006 Festival Cabaret Frappé GRENOBLE (F) 18.8.2006 Festival les Zecletiques La Chapelle ROUSSELIN (F) 19.8.2006 Festival musique et terrasses VERDUN (F) 08.9.2006 Puyro’land festival PUROLAND (F) 16.9.2006 Fête de l’Huma L BOURGETt (F)

Khoiba (Mole Listening Pearls) Tourdates 13.-17.4.06 Jonatan nemuže (Czech) 22.4.06 KlatovyStrelnice (Czech) 13.5.06 Brno festival (Czech) 16.5.06 Zlin festival (Czech) 03.6.06 Francie festival (Czech) 09.6.06 Chomutov – festival festival (Czech) 16.6.06 Karlovy Vary Mattoni Canoe Cup (Czech) 17.6.06 Mlékojedy (Czech) 23.6.06 Praha Ostrovy (Czech) 24.6.06 Benátky nad JizerouLodenice (Czech) 25.6.06 Vienna Donnaufest (Austria) 30.6.06 Trebíc Festival (Czech) 04.-06.7.06 Rock For People Festival 14.-15.7.06 Pohoda Festival Slovakia (Czech) 21.7.05 Colours Festival 28.7.06 Hrachovka Festival (Czech) 04.8.06 Sázava Festival (Czech) 05.8.06 Beseda u bigbítu Festival (Czech) 11.-12.8.06 Love Planet Festival 19.8.06 Rožnov pod radhoštemfestival (Czech) 25.-26.8.06 Rock for Churchillfestival (Czech) 26.8.06 Summer Aquaparty Festival 31.8.06 Plzen Zach Pub (Czech) 02.9.06 Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest 08.9.06 Semtex Brno Festival (Czech)