Six best friends are having their graduation party at college. But the group’s stoner orders something psychedelic from her dealer. The dealer is ready to join in the fun. Full of drugs and completely disoriented, the special night quickly turns into a dark, foggy nightmare full of blood and violence. Five years later: The young women plan a weekend in a remote forest hut. They hope to rekindle the close friendship that once existed between them. But shortly thereafter, they are plagued by murderous visions of a masked killer and one after the other is brutally murdered…

“Dead in the Woods” aka “The 6th Friend” has been awarded at numerous horror film festivals (e.g. Freak Show Horror Film Festival, RIP Horror Film Festival, IFS-Film Festival) as Best Film, for Best Director or for Best Cast, and was nominated for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Actors, Best Visual Effects and Best Film Music at the Madrid International Film Festival (2017). And it’s pure women’s power: a horror film with only female leading actors under female direction, featuring the Hollywood stars Jamie Bernadette (Midnight Texas; NCIS – New Orleans); Dominique Swain (Face Off, New best Friend); Jessica Morris (Ladies of the Lake, Role Models, One Life to Live).

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Cat.No.: DWP1610 (BD) / DWP1619 (DVD)
Release: 12th April 2019

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After the Israeli secret service in Luxembourg killed the Arab top terrorist Amar (Vincent Regan), only agent Tony Eckhardt (Christopher Lambert) believes that you have killed the wrong person. Eckhardt proved right. Amar has undergone cosmetic surgery and is now launching, under a new identity, the dozen work colleagues Eckhardt order. Eckhardt is not much time to stop the terrorists, because he is on his hit list ..

Gripping spy thriller by James Bond star director John Glen with Christopher Lambert and Bond girl Maryam D’Abo.

Three high school misfits who at her school does not have it easy and are repeatedly harassed evil of their classmates, decide to get back at their tormentors and to break the prom all in the air. The Explosive needed they try to build using building instructions from the Internet itself. Looking for other weapons they come across a secluded junkyard to a secret weapons caches, not knowing that this is part of a serial killer who prefers Teenager tortures to death there. But the killer did not count on the creativity of the friends in the struggle for survival …