DJ Nartak’s eighth Nightflight compilation is a symphony for very special moments. Bursting with finest electro-acoustic soundscapes, lovingly selected and framed in 2 mixes with much attention to detail. Based on latest Downtempo and Ambient gems, it’s astonishing to witness the weightless intersection with elements of Modern Classical, Jazz, Alternative, World Music and Folk, all merging into the Nightflight Sound. A subtle, soulful flow enfolds in an inspiring way, full of hope and understated beauty. Enchanting delicate sounds lead into the depth of the night, once in a while freshened up with some cool loungy grooves, underlining DJ Nartak’s gentle art of balance. Being on air at Klassik Radio for more than 11 years, DJ Nartak is a well respected musical pioneer, dedicated to quality productions. For all those, who seek relaxation with style and spirit, step on board for another deep-blue Nightflight voyage.

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weathertunesNoticed a seductive, beguiling fragrance in the air? That’s Weathertunes’s new album release. A “parfum” which conquers your senses, and spreads an instant well-being feeling for sure. Tempting lounge grooves, spiced with heartwarming positivity, flood the room with sunlight. The Lemongrassmusic brothers Roland and Daniel Voss wrote and performed everything on the album. No guest appearances this time, which impressively underlines the qualities of the project. Their passion for the French lifestyle and culture had a formative influence on the album’s spirit. With sweet melancholy, songs like “Dimanche Matin” or “Anis Nous Explique” tell about the irresistible scent of the Cote d`Azur. The selected technical and compositional pathway is set with class and in regard to the songs mood, turning “Parfum” into a lovely companion along life’s way. A feel-good album in its best sense. While listening, even the sun seems to shine a little brighter.

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Welcome to the Future Jazz Cafe! Lemongrassmusic present Volume 7 of their outstanding compilation series – modern Electronic Jazz tunes sometimes with a slightly extraordinary feel. This compilation sets the right mood for a good time in a bar, a cafe or a stylish restaurant. Enjoy yourselves, get a drink and feel the Jazz vibes!

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Mole Listening Pearls strikes back with 5 Volumes of the label greatest hits. Each Volume is available for 4,99 Euro on iTunes, so get your copy now and be part of the Mole Family, incl. tracks from Lemongrass, Alphawezen, moodorama, Martini Brös, Bassface Sascha, Zagar, Naomi, Dadamnphreaknoizphunk, Pino Shamlou and many more …

Best of Mole Vol.1 1998-2003 https://goo.gl/zqxj8y
Best of Mole Vol.2 2004-2007 https://goo.gl/zmtCls
Best of Mole Vol.3 2008-2009 https://goo.gl/F6hMOc
Best of Mole Vol.4 2010-2011 https://goo.gl/t13fLn
Best of Mole Vol.5 2012-2015 https://goo.gl/syk1Yv

„Thoughtful Machines“ is the third album by South Africa based music producer Placid Larry alias Daniel Ray van Zyl. Daniel has always been fascinated with electronic music and the powerful effect it has on contemporary society. This new album encompasses the gratitude that he has for being able to express himself so vividly digitally. Mindful of the fact that understanding and embracing different cultures is paramount in human evolution, the 12 tracks on „Thoughtful Machines“ are a liberation of these ideals which take the listener on an adventure across the world – from the calming influences of the East to the formulaic repetitions of the West resting on the African soul from which this music stems. Placid Larry indulges us in a contemporary, worldly and optimistic easy listening collection of musical stories – full of thoughts, ideas and creativity…

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„Simply As Light“ is the first album of Portuguese producer Nuno Santos, alias Mark Oakland. It is a very personal journey through his life. Just like different emotions emerging from our hearts, Mark Oakland has created a musical journey reflecting his own personal evolution and emotional world. As complex as it may seem, it’s actually a very simple musical trip making Ambient, Chillout, Bigbeat, Trip-Hop and House be the vehicles that carry us through this music landscape. You will see many beautiful places – bathing in shimmering light and peaceful lightness. 13 tracks dedicated to relaxation and easiness – enjoy your trip!

We´re proud of our label diversity specially in the field of electronic music. Here are two special “Electronica-Releases” highlights for the hot days of the summer 2012 from the German labels Lemongrassmusic and Mole Listening Pearls:

Lemongrassmusic Episode 100
Lemongrassmusic proudly presents their 100th label release. For sure this is a reason to party. But instead of receiving gifts, the label is giving out a huge treasure box of goodies to their fans and followers. You will be showered with 50 brand new, mostly unreleased tracks carefully selected by the label owners and driving forces Roland & Daniel Voss. Guiding you through the labels sound cosmos you will be delighted by receiving a splendid variety of songs, all done by highly valued Lemongrassmusic heroes plus a few very fresh signings and surprises. Reaching the glory of 100 is only once in a lifetime. But to consider the label as old aged is wrong thinking. Lemongrassmusic is only 7 years old and has become an internationally known trademark for modern Lounging in only a short time. Initially founded as a platform for their own projects such as Lemongrass, Weathertunes, Jasmon and Five Seasons, soon the Voss brothers expanded the label’s philosophy to become a home-base for producers and musicians from 16 different countries. With genre-bending music releases Lemongrassmusic is widening the scope of the Lounge genre by exploring Chillout, Ambient, NuJazz, TripHop, Electronic World Music, Deep House, Nu-Soul and more. Artists like Karen Gibson Roc, Eskadet, Faro, T2’n, Glam Sam & His Combo, Northbound, Gushi & Raffunk, Michiko, Mirage Of Deep, MoShang, Man In A Room and Keisuke Sakai are highlights of a brilliant up to date label spectrum, which is responsible for unforgettable moments on Lounge floors worldwide.

Listen @ iTunes: Lemongrassmusic Episode 100

The Best of OHM-G
Since the 90s, the International DJ scene developed into an institution on the island Ibiza. One of them is in OHM-G. Olaf Gutbrod lived for 10 years on the island as a composer, producer and DJ, above all as a resident in one of the most beautiful places on Ibiza, Atzaró. His Chill Out Sound OHM-G has placed on many famous compilations like Cafe del Mar or Hotel Costes. But even his own series Atzaró soundscapes that goes this year for the fourth year in a row, next to the DJ has his own albums on the island and became internationally known. At his best album of OHM-G Olaf Gutbrod collects tracks, which he combines various sections and moments in his life. Music that has emerged almost exclusively on Ibiza. Ibiza, this wonderful magical place. The winters and summers are quiet life full. A life like day and night, like breathing in and out. On the two CDs gathered the work of 15 years. Tracks of the OHM-G Future Ballads albums, Pop Art, Can Pardalet, Feelings, Moments and Hulectric Soul.

Listen @ iTunes: The Best of OHM-G


For 5 years now DJ Nartak has been the sound pilot of the weekly program “Nightflight” on Klassik Radio. During the years a whole sound cosmos has taken shape, which stays unparalleled in the German communities. DJ Nartak is popular yet respected for his courage to lead into the depths of musical spheres, where genre boundaries dissolve and blend together in unexpected lightness. That is precisely why at Klassik Radio his skills are in the right place, because here young listeners learn to appreciate classical arrangements and instrumentation through modern ambient music. This maturation process can also be found in Nartak’s compilations. After the acoustic journey through the deep sea on predecessor Volume 03, the immensity of the night sky now takes center stage: Heavenly sounds and distant worlds that fascinate and give a slight idea of the inconceivable silence of the universe. Myriads of light spots in the sky, sparkling, mysterious, alluring, like the sounds DJ Nartak has chosen for his Nightflight Vol.04. Even for experts of the Chillout and Lounge scene, this compilation is a real asset. Artists from all around the world, stars from different scenes fit together in weightless elegance.This Nightflight has an air of the extraordinary, like a constant, joyful discovery of new spaces. Its great strength lies in the atmospheric perfection, majestic and sublime like the night sky. Please take your time to holistically feel both CDs. You will be refreshed, rejuvenated, and return to Earth with charged batteries and the feeling of mental stimulation. Prominent pre-test listeners have already called it the best DJ Nartak compilation ever. It seems that the “pearl diver” has made his name.Listen: Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol. 04 (Lemongrassmusic) @ iTunes
Here are some of our “Electronica Highlights” for autumn 2011 from the German artist Lemongrass, the Spanish chill out king Ohm-G, the Hungarian legend Yonderboi and the famous Praful from The Netherlands. The album from Praful “Pyramid In Your Backyard” was original released in 2005 – so it´s a ReRelease of a timeless and brilliant album:

Lemongrass – Sirius (Lemongrassmusic | Germany)
Sirius is the most luminescent star in the night sky. A light years away double-galaxy, considered as a mystical symbol by many ancient cultures. This is the chosen destination of Lemongrass’s new album. As usual Lemongrass’s range of drums and percussion is sticking out. Well for those who don’t know, Roland Voss is an educated drummer. Either as a cool down-tempo groove (Deep Blue), as a playful broken beat Jazz rhythm (Jazz Bandits) or just with a discrete Snare, the choice is always brought to the point. Hopefully Mr. Spock puts his intergalactic radio on once in awhile. It would be a pity if his Half-Vulcan ears would miss this “Sirius” expedition. Listen: Lemongrass – Sirius

Ohm-G – Hulectric Soul (Eivissabeat | Spain)
Olaf Gutbrod, aka Ohm-G, was fascinated the music for as long as he can remember. Music was and is magic for him. Olaf got his first guitar when he was 9 years old. From this moment on he knew that music was his life. Since 2004 Ohm-G is the resident DJ at Atzaró, one of the best locations for exquisite music and visuals in Ibiza, where he initiated also the Atzaró Lounge. The last 6 years Ohm-G focused on refining his sound, his production and his DJing. Before the new album “Hulectric Soul” he released five albums already as well as contribute tracks on well known Compilations like Cafe del Mar, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar and other well known compilations. Listen: Ohm-G – Hulectric Soul

Yonderboi – Passive Control (Mole Listening Pearls | Hungary)
After long years of work the author of unique and successful albums “Shallow and Profound” (2000) and “Splendid Isolation” (2005) is back with his new long-player, “Passive Control”, which is considered to be the third, closing part of the trilogy. The whole album has an elusive feel of utopia, which can be explained easily by Yonder’s love for science fiction ever since he was a kid. Jean Gireaud Moebius the legendary French comics artist, Russian sci-fi movie “Kin-Dza-Dza”, or Hungarian cult-film “Meteo” are just a few examples that inspired him during the making of “Passive Control”. Listen: Yonderboi – Passive Control

Praful – Pyramid In Your Backyard (Therapy Recordings | The Netherlands)
To some electronica enthusiasts, it might seem like a contraction to describe Praful as a saxophonist who has some relevance to electronica. If electronica is all about synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, samplers, and the like, how can a saxman possibly have any relevance to electronica? So this is why it´s difficult to say exactly how “Pyramid in Your Backyard” should be categorized. It’s probably best to describe the release as a hybrid mixture of electronic club/dance grooves (including trip-hop, chillout, and ambient), pop-jazz, and world music. Listen: Praful – Pyramid In Your Backyard

Mole Listening Pearls – The Collection Vol. 1 (1996 – 2000)

1996 wasn´t an outstanding year in its historical dimensions. Comet Hyakutake was discovered, and the Nintendo 64 came on the market. The 20th Century splashed slowly and gently towards the Millennium. But it was a year for a new music trend: The final neon glow and the green laser effects in dry ice fog in the 80ies were warped. The electronic music drew from the techno temples into cozy living rooms, quiet bars and comfortable lounges. A new generation has grown up and got the label Mole Listening Pearls, a new sense of life tailored to the body. In the beginning it was just an experiment: An open production with an uncertain outcome. The “Mole sound” soaked in his great sensitivity and sensuality. For the first time Mole Listening Pearls brings together a retrospective in three parts, first, the beginning of 1996 – 2000, the development of the Sound by 2001 – 2005, and ultimately the development from 2006 until today. A series from the excellent range of benefits to artists, having placed the label in the last 14 years to light: Audio Lotion, Lemongrass, Alphawezen, Naomi, nor elle, Lahr, Yonderboi, Khoiba and many more.

Available format: mp3.