1955. The Irish Christina Noble must look reality of life early in the eye. Her mother dies when she is still a child. Your alcoholic father is unable to keep the family together. As a teenager she is raped, a child is taken away from her. She marries a husband of exploiting and beaten. It seems that the life of Christina to offer anything good.

But instead of break to its past, the adult Christina feels the experience rather than an incentive to change the world for the better. Their faith is unshakable, and the hope that also fulfill their dreams is great. 14 years after the Vietnam War, it therefore travels to the former Saigon, to appeal for the weak and poor of society – children. A decision that affects not only their own lives fundamentally, but to date has changed the lives of 700,000 children and families.

After real events!

Also interesting: Liam Cunningham plays in ‘Game of Thrones’ the Onion Knight, and Brendan Coyle in ‘Downton Abbey’, Bates, the servant. And actress Deirdre O’Kane is actually total known as stand-up comedian in Ireland.