Darling Berlin’s latest darling “Beat Beat Heart” by director and screenwriter Luise Brinkmann is starting in cinemas all over Germany on April, 27! And this is a movie that’s definitely not to be missed this spring!

The highly acclaimed movie (at Filmfest Munich, Max-Ophüls-Preis, Slamdance and others) tells the story of Kerstin, who is daydreaming her way out of a broken heart, when suddenly her mother, Charlotte, rings at her door, needing a place to stay. For mom has accidentally broken up with her common-law spouse and does not know where else to go now. Both women handle their yearning completely differently, when Kerstin‛s housemate convinces Charlotte to start dating men, via app. So, mom brings different men to the house, while Kerstin‛s daydreams are consistently interrupted by the reality that love has become a hopeless place for modern age dreamers.

“Refreshing and lively – cinema for the summer.” — TV Spielfilm
“This movie comes very close to the generation that lives between Tinder as a promise of freedom and the great dream of the small family.” — Rolling Stone
“Bit by bit, almost everybody finds happiness in ‘Beat Beat Heart’, because despite all stingers and little impudences, the movie embraces its characters very kindly and believes in the healing power of love.”
— Die Zeit
“Again, another movie gem by the Berlin independents.” — ZITTY Berlin
“A feel-good movie about lovesickness, which is, in times of dating apps, still inspired by the faith in romantic love.” — Süddeutsche Zeitung

Find the cinema list here (updated continuously): http://www.darlingberlin.de/termine.html
Find more information on “Beat Beat Heart” here: http://beatbeatheart.com

At the time of the Revolutionary War in 1920 in Ireland, the life of Collingwood Sisters changes fatal. While the Irish Republican Army moves into the field against the British government and divided the country, May rescues a wounded soldier from England and takes care of him. The young woman is now forced to make more momentous decisions in order to protect not only the recovering British, but above all herself and her sister Tilly. Because if the IRA finds out that they have a British defended refuge, have their days numbered.

“Wenn die Nachtigall fällt – Aus Liebe wird Krieg“ VOD release date: 27th November 2015.