Video: Wax Tailor feat. Charlie Winston – I Own You (Mole Listening Pearls)

Wax Tailor, aka JC Le Saout, made a remarkable impact worldwide with his albums “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” and “Hope & Sorrow”. Often categorized as trip-hop or down tempo hip-hop, Wax Tailor breaks musical barriers using a sonic palette to demonstrate his life chronicles tainted in soul, jazz, and funk. With the new album, which was released in september 2009, Wax Tailor confirms his musical identity. Written in both Paris and New York City, his third album “In the Mood for Life” is an organic landscape with orchestral accents. Taking its cues from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop or 60’s Pop Music, this is one eagerly awaited journey. The video for “I Own You”, the third single from the current album, was recorded together with Charlie Winston.

Video: Wax Tailor feat. Charlie Winston – I Own You (big | small).

The Lushlife Project – Highway (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

Again, the The Lushlife Project is in action. The band was not idle in recent years. They were still working continuously on the production of their second album. As a concrete result of that work, they will release three brand new songs in winter 2009. In addition to developing themselves and building up their own studio, The Lushlife Project could improve the sound expanded their formation with new members: Martina Kiraly is encountered to that well-known duo Zoohacker and DJ Conrad. Martina Kiraly was responsible for songwriting and lyrics on that whole new album. For the brass section, Gergö Katona has been committed. The strings of the guitar will continue to be served by Tamàs Gyurkovits. The new songs sounds more poppy with an incoming melody of course embedded in the typical sound world of The Lushlife Project. Joie de vivre, fun, enjoyment, and dreaming! Whoever finds their bodies moving to the rythm, just a bit at first, then more and more: “Don´t panic”. This is what every listener experiences. Just go on dancing or melting away. In Hungary, and especially in Budapest, Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi are an integral part of the music and underground scene. They are the pillars and pioneers of an electronic music that is fascinating people far beyond the borders of its home country. They have brought their decades of experience in music into their “The Lushlife Project”, which has started about a view years ago. To their experience, they added hungarian heart, temperament, and their history. Zoltán Palásti Kovács is musicologist and historian. He has studied singing and plays all sorts of instruments. Under his pseudonym “Zoohacker”, he has already published songs on a lot of internationally known compilations. Konrád Pilisi is a radio presenter with his own radio show, and a well-known DJ with excellent references.

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DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul – Sunny Day (mp3 EP) – Mole Listening Pearls

The Japanese artist DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul is a musician since the 80’s. Living in Osaka (Japan), he was originally influenced from R&B, Soul and Funk. He also formed a successful funk-band in which he played the guitar. In the beginning of 2001 he released his first single “Cosmic Pink” on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2004, his first album “One Scenary In My Lifetime” was released under the pseudonym “Dugsoul” in Japan. He said about his own: “I had to do an important decision. Should the party of the life continue? I conclude that life is a dance”. Since today he is a well respected DJ in Japan. His style do DJIng is passionate, deep and groovy. “If you feel something when you dance, I´m happy. I wish sincerely to express my gratitude to you and your friends. I´m still making music today because it´s me. Now – after 8 long years – his second singles “Sunny Day” comes out! … again on Mole Listening Pearls. It´s the first single of a two-release package. The follow up which will be released in autumn 2009 will be called “Rainy Day”.

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