From the heart of the thriving Eastern European electronica scene, prolific Hungarian five-piece Zagar present an EP of exclusive remixes courtesy of cutting-edge artists Cottonmouth, Miami Kidz, Demon Superior, AMB and Yesman. It is the latest innovative flourish from a band that has built a reputation for combining powerful hit-driven tracks with cinematic moods- a recipe for deliciously atmospheric records and astonishing live shows. This latest EP is something of an evolution of creativity, with each collaborator taking the anthemic sound of ‘Never The Same’ and moulding it into new, exciting shapes each step of the way. Whether it’s the irresistible dubstep breaks introduced by Cottonmouth, the summery pop vibe of Demon Superior’s re-working or the spacey wonky beat track by AMB, it really is a fine demonstration of the incredible scope of musical possibility. Of course, that’s not to overlook the song itself. The original cut’s vibrant soul was captured perfectly in an ambitious single-take video that was left unedited. Being joined by the official fire brigade band with a sumptuous brass section, this performance sums up the sense of mood and drama that Zagar so freely evoke. In fact, their sound is so uniquely affecting that they have also seen their music being incorporated into short feature films and theatre- as well as featuring on American TV series, CSI.Their runaway success has meant that Zagar have become one of the most sought out acts at festivals and clubs across Europe. Performing since 2001, they have performed in ten different countries which has also seen them sharing a stage with Depeche Mode on their Tour of the Universe in 2009. With plans for the next studio album already underway, 2012 is set to be another flourishing year for Zagar.

A hit with the press, their live performances have left quite an impression:

“Genius electronic band from Eastern Europe. Zsager is a cool guy, but on stage he becomes fucking nuts!”
Alan McGee (Creation Records/ Poptones UK)

“These guys rock!”
Pedro Winter aka Busy P (Ed Banger)

“Really like the freshness of their tracks. One of the regular plays on my iPod. Clever innovative pop…me likey!”
Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic/ The Goodness US)

“A breath of fresh air coming from East Side”
Ed2000 ( Berlin)

“At the moment they are the coolest band in Budapest – whatever that is supposed to mean..”
HVG Magazine

Taken from the single: Zagar – Never The Same