On an oriental market, the young juggler and acrobat Aladdin (Adam Hollick) arouses the interest of the beautiful princess Shahzadi (Lucia Dimitra Xypteras), who will become sultaness after the death of her father. However, his ancestry and status make it impossible to get to know her better. In addition, the treacherous vizier Maghreb has also kept an eye on the princess and wants to conquer her heart and become Sultan with the help of a spell. To do this, however, he first needs a fabled magic lamp in which a djinni is trapped that can make all wishes come true.
The lamp is hidden in a cave, secured by deadly traps. The vizier believes that only with the help of Aladdin’s acrobatic skills he could come into possession of the lamp. Aladdin lets himself be deceived and, ignorant of the power of the lamp and the dangerous task, faces up to it. But will he be able to unleash and tame the spirit of the lamp himself…?

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Cat.No.: DWP1650 (BD) / DWP1659 (DVD)
Release: 14th June 2019

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