Today is Big Release Day! We have 4 Releases Today:
Superluminal – Pacifica (Mole Listening Pearls) Order your copy here.
J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Plastic City) Order your copy here.
Smilla – Drehmoment (Harthouse) Order your copy here.
Morris Jones – Love Me Loud (Proton Records) Order Your Copy here.

With their recent releases MORRIS JONES were listed in the dance and DJ charts in England, Germany, Italy and many other countries for weeks. In the blink of an eye, the duo captured the club scene and also performed live in front of 20,000 spectators and was included in countless radio playlists (i.e. YOU FM, SUNSHINE LIVE, KRONE HIT, and others). The duo is back with a new fat track called (THIS MONDAY) FEELS LIKE WEEKEND. In addition to the radio edit and club mix, there is a remix package with a total of 12 tracks, which appeals to all audiences. As a bonus, they will also release a relaxing ambient mix, instrumentals and an a cappella version.

The current track by Morris Jones “This Club is a Nightmare” has been on various European DJ charts for weeks and made its way onto major radio stations such as YOU FM, sunshine live, NJOY or Krone Hit. Now — in the midst of the party season — Jones’ new single “Jessy is fine!” will be released. We feel that excessive promotional slogans such as “party anthem” or “on its way to becoming a mega hit” are annoying. But we will say this: the production is on point and the track is our teams summer hit. The vocals are laced by Matthew Tasa (DJ Antoine) and in addition to a radio and extended club mix there is a trance, hip-hop, Latin, jazz and ambient version.

We´re proud to announce the new Uptrax Release (Version 5.0 – The New Dimension) today. The Community Portal Uptrax provides a platform for musicians, producers, labels and fans. Unknown newcomers have here the chance to publish their tracks and introduce them to a large audience. By voting titles into the charts, you have a direct influence on the music of the future and the trends of tomorrow. Your favorite tracks are available to download as MP3s. The producers among you have the chance to receive a recording contract or airplay on a “real” radio outlet. Membership is free of charge. Registration is easy. Membership benefits: You can upload tracks, vote, and participate in board discussions, etc. Uptrax 5.0. provides a lot of new features. Beside better quality and a new video section, we renew the partnership with sunshine live and welcome CO2-Promotion as a new partner. From now on, every weekly top 1 producer win a digital release worldwide @ portals like iTunes, amazon and others. Each monthly winner will get a professional DJ promotion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via CO2-Promotion. And if you win the quarterly pool position you will be invited to Sunshine live for an interview. On top of this you can find on all new Sunshine live compilations one track from Uptrax-artists.

A special feature of “uptrax” is the radio chart show on radio “Sunshine live”. Every Sunday afternoon, the top titles of Electronica uptrax charts are introduced and thus broadcast in entire Germany and Europe (satellite). Which tracks this charts contain is up to you, the uptrax member. You decide the chart ranking by voting and downloading and thus the radio play. Radio Sunshine live is Germany’s largest and best known radio outlet for electronic music. The uptrax show is broadcast every Sunday between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm (MEZ).

Uptrax Remix Contest in cooperation with Proton Records

Morris Jones is a DJ and producer based in Frankfurt. He works primarily in Chicago and Frankfurt. His tracks are known for punchy beats and perfectly produced house sounds with analog synths. He recently climbed up several times successfully in the German Dance Charts. In German-speaking countries you heard tracks from him f. e. at YouFM and Sunshine live. His new single “This club is a nightmare” is a crisp track. The vocals are from Matthew Tasa from the environment by Xavier Naidoo. The work was mixed and mastered by Dominik de Leon, who also worked together with Fedde le Grand. The original track and the best remixes will be released on the label Proton Records (which also released the track “Eichensohn & Davenstedt – FFF” in autumn 2011).

For more information about the Community and the Remix Contest, please visit: Uptrax – The New Dimension