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Mole Listening Pearls strikes back with 5 Volumes of the label greatest hits. Each Volume is available for 4,99 Euro on iTunes, so get your copy now and be part of the Mole Family, incl. tracks from Lemongrass, Alphawezen, moodorama, Martini Brös, Bassface Sascha, Zagar, Naomi, Dadamnphreaknoizphunk, Pino Shamlou and many more …

Best of Mole Vol.1 1998-2003
Best of Mole Vol.2 2004-2007
Best of Mole Vol.3 2008-2009
Best of Mole Vol.4 2010-2011
Best of Mole Vol.5 2012-2015

Today is Big Release Day! We have 4 Releases Today:
Superluminal – Pacifica (Mole Listening Pearls) Order your copy here.
J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Plastic City) Order your copy here.
Smilla – Drehmoment (Harthouse) Order your copy here.
Morris Jones – Love Me Loud (Proton Records) Order Your Copy here.

Part 02

Wir starten den Frühling für euch! Auf der brandneuen sunshine live Vol. 49 bekommt ihr wieder die beste und aktuellste Zusammenstellung von Dance-Tracks auf die Ohren – Hits über Hits, aus der Heavy Rotation von Deutschlands electronic radio sunshine live direkt in eure Player! Deutschlands erfolgreichste Radio-Compilation kommt am 28. März in den Handel und in alle Download-Shops. Wie immer erscheint die Compilation im schicken Digipack mit 3D Prägung und mit 3 CDs – randvoll mit den coolsten Tracks aus den Clubs und dem sunshine live Programm! Das Tracklisting dieser frühlingsfrischen Compilation liest sich wie das Who is Who der internationalen Danceszene. Ob fürs Auto, zum „Warm Up“ oder für die erste Grillparty des Jahres, die sunshine live vol. 49 ist ein absolutes Muss für jeden Fan elektronischer Dance Music! Available Format: CD

Smalltown Collective – Feel Like That (Plastic City. Play)

“Smalltown Collective” is a music-project composed by three fancier of electronic music who occupy with DJing and producing since many years. The trio comes from East-Switzerland and their home is based in „Wil“, a small town near lake Constance. Alan Brljafa is growed up in the eighties influenced by Disco and Eurobeat. He devoted more and more the electronic music and purchased himself the first Roland equipment, soon follows an own studio. He already done a lot of remixes for well-known artists in croatia and released his first maxi-single together with Remo Mueller. The third part of the “smalltown collectice” team is DJ Miguel. He starts his musical career with 14 years in several bars and discotheques. Thanks to his constant development DJ Miguel managed to play himself to the top of the Swiss DJ scene and is wellknown in the top clubs from East to West-Switzerland. He is DJing regularly in clubs like Supermarket, Club-Q, Kaufleuten, Liquid, Bar Rouge or Pravda. But also he had the chance to express his talent on beautiful islands like Ibiza, Mykonos and Cyprus and also in the world famous Duplex Club in Prague and in many different places in the near region of Germany and Austria. As the owner of the event agencies “mig projects” and “smoove group” he’s constantly surprising the party people with new concepts, quality sounds and atmospheric ambients.

Available Format: mp3.

Evren Furtuna – My Miracle Baby (Plastic City. Play)

Born and raised in Turkey, Evren Furtuna has grown largely familiar to the city of Istanbul and Ankara, playing from large clubs to small and exclusive parties. He understands that success requires versatility but also acknowledges the importance of preservation. The keen balance of versatility and preservation astoundingly differentiate him from others. His versatility can be seen anywhere from exposing music lovers to new and locally-unheard sounds to pushing himself creatively in the studio. On the other hand, the preservation he presents can be seen in his character – his passion for the music is something that will never change.

Available Format: mp3.

Oscar Barila & Maiki – Behind The Line (Plastic City. Play)

Oscar Barila hails from Valencia in Spain and has become one of the most notable producers to come out of the country in recent years. He has been behind over 40 releases for labels such as Kling Klong, Acker, Parquet and Plastic City to name just a few and has DJ’ed across the globe. His musical partner Maiki is from Milan, Italy and at the tender age of 21 has already achieved much with records released through the likes of Viva, Acker & Stranjjur and widespread A-list DJ support. The pair began working together in 2011, saw a couple of well received collaborative singles released and got their heads down for the writing of this their debut album, the appropriately titled ‘Parallel Minds’, which will be released on Plastic City in April 2012. The LP is a collection of 11 tracks that are rooted in the pair’s love of house music; from the jazzy musicality of title track ‘Parallel Minds’ to the uplifting vocal stylings of ‘Forgive The Drama’ and on to the groove led sounds of ‘Convexions’ there is rich variety yet cohesions throughout.

Available Format: mp3.

Zoe Xenia – Take A Chance (Plastic City. Play)

Zoë Xenia, hailing from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, started her music career as a singer and songwriter. Bitten by the House bug she began to produce and develop her own style of electronic music – a hybrid of rolling basses, chords and funk fuelled beats. Using her own voice but not only as a vocal she created her sounds just like an instrument itself. Thus keeping her firmly on the avant-garde tip. Zoë Xenia currently performs both as a DJ and a Live Vocalist/MC electronic act for parties and festivals throughout Europe and around the world. Her own productions have been released on labels such as ArtMiniMal, Connaisseur, BassCulture and Suara. Her track “Right Here Feels So Good“ reached nr. 25 in the Deep House top 100 downloads on Beatport and her Catz and Dogz Remix of “You Got Me Started“ was charted as one of the Top 10 Tracks of April 2011. Apart from producing her own music, Zoë Xenia has worked as a vocalist for other artists. She has made vocals for global superstar DJ Richard Grey and for Kosmo Records for the new re-release of BBE’s huge dance-hit “7 Days And One Week”, appearing in the accompanying video clip. Zoë has her debut release on Plastic City in January 2012 and has recently started a new project with Swedish DJ/Producer Cari Lekebusch. All in all it looks already like an accomplished year and 2012 is shaping up to be something special for Zoë.

Available Format: mp3.

JOBB – Sleeping Lily (Plastic City. Play)

Fred Carreira ( aka Jobb ) has a passion for the beginning of acid house in Europe, he fall in love of this new music. He put himself completely in house and techno movement , participating to the first raves and manifestations in the South of France. In 2000, influenced by American sound, especially Detroit Sound, Fred decided to start numeric production with Dan Corco. Their first label was Scandium Records. After Fred worked with emblematic labels like Rotation, one of the first European electronic music label and Dave Angel’s label. Then Fred worked with Fono, Adrenogroov, Deetron, Salvatore Freda, Good Life, The Hacker and Oxia ‘s label. Artists like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Funk D’ Void, Slam played his tracks and kept these on many compilations like Fabric or Cocoon Recordings. Beginning in 2006, Fred created the artistic project JOBB and did release on many digitals labels like Famille Electro, Percusa Records and now Plastic City. Play.

Available Format: mp3.