At an American university dangerous animal experiments on baboons are carried out under the direction of Professor Sorensen. The scientists and students will be put to a severe test. The sprayed, new means to actually curb aggression, but results in the baboon Shakma the exact opposite! He is put to extremely aggressive and at the last second! The danger seems spellbound and therefore the student group meets at night in the dark laboratories to replay a known computer game. Unsuspecting, the killer baboon Shakma back to life and also makes in the dark to hunt in order to take revenge on the students …

For the first time digitally remastered and in the Original Widescreen Theatrical Version: The famous cult film with a mixture of “Link, the Butler” and “Planet of the Apes” is one of the best films in the genre “animal horror”!

“Increasingly oppressive expectant horror thriller about a runaway baboon takes revenge on his tormentors for animal experiments.” (

“Exciting movie about a baboon, which is transformed by drugs for killer apes.” (The Sci-Fi Movie Review)