Playgirl, directed by Will Tremper (1966) is about Alexandra Borowski, mid-twenties, highly paid fashion model class, who is one of those jet-set girls, which today fly to New York tomorrow to Bermuda and the day after to Rome. She never stays long in a hotel, never long in a man. Just arrived in Berlin, already numerous young men endeavor to Alexandras favor: the seedy Yugoslav local owner Bogdan, a young industrialist and the Italian photographer Timo. Evening Invitations, visits to the theater, strolling through the night scene and parties follow each other. In Sigbert Lahner Alexandra but finally met a man, in which they – after several attempts to escape – is perhaps still remain …

Starring: Eva Renzi, Harald Leipnitz, Paul Hubschmid, Umberto Orsini and Elga Stass.


On the 1st of October, daredo media has presented its movie label Darling Berlin, which is already known from the cinematic release of “Love Steaks” to the public. At the cinema room of the prestigious Soho House Berlin, close to the Television Tower near the Alexanderplatz – whose iconic silhouette also serves as the label’s logo – the directors Nico Sommer, Lucian Busse, Dennis Karsten and Tom Lass (photo) have presented their upcoming autumnal DVD and VOD releases as well as the two cinema releases “Kaptn Oskar” (Tom Lass) in December 2014 and “Familienfieber” (Nico Sommer) in January 2015 to the gathered film press, together with the Darling Berlin team. A special highlight was also the additional announcement to extend the existing cinema distribution department by a new DVD and VOD division named “daredo distribution” based in Frankfurt with effect from October, 1st. First important releases are beside others the Darling Berlin movies “Love Steaks” (Jakob Lass), “Mauerpark” (Dennis Karsten), “Playgirl” (Will Tremper), “Flucht nach Berlin” (Will Tremper), “Papa Gold” (Tom Lass) and “Berlinized” (Lucian Busse).For more information, please visit: Darling Berlin Homepage