This year Fancy celebrates the 30th anniversary of his first world hit “Slice Me Nice”. Together with his publisher & producer Adam Pokorny, he searched his archives deeply and compiled an album full of rarities and without the well-known hits! Fancy posted on his Facebook page: “We have deliberately chosen and re-arranged only those songs for this album. Everybody already owns the Hits, but these songs we’ve chosen, have definitely a hit-potential. A healthy dose of variety with a little touch of today”.

Since the early 90s SAVAGE (better known as ROBYX, real name Roberto Zanetti) is a successful musician and producer. Hits of CORONA (The Rhythm Of The Night) DOUBLE YOU (Please Do not Go) ICE MC (Cinema) have conquered the charts all over the world quickly. SAVAGE who had his artistic peak in the Italo-disco scene could celebrate in the former Eastern Bloc states with hits like “Do not Cry Tonight” “Only You,” “Love Is Death” “Celebrate” “Good-Bye“ many other successes. His songs have been covered several times and his only studio album “Tonight” is still considered a highly prized rarity. As an extraction of the successful “The Original Maxi-Singles Collection” series all his 80 successes are reunited on aone album. The tracks on this album have been chronologically placed for the first time ever, Remastered directly from the master tapes for this publication and the booklet includes some yet unpublished pictures.


DiscoFox80 – “The Original Maxi-Singles Collection” from the creators of the “80s Revolution Series”. Finely tuned, combines this unique compilation, a mix of claim, memories and experience. As a premiere, although only 11 disco cult songs were selected, but placed in the “long versions” on the Album. More than one hour party music that is simply unique with the magic of the nightclub itself. The Hits by Bad Boys Blue, Raff, London Boys, Silent Circle or Lian Ross deliver even today, the perfect and irresistible Disco Fox warranty.

All “Fancy” followers will now certainly be more than pleased to finally have an album which includes a healthy pack of wanted extended versions and remixes. A complete Maxi-Singles story published between 1984 and 1990 and their B-sides. With the hit single “Slice Me Nice” started “Fancy” 1984 commercial breakthrough. Subsequently other songs, such as “Chinese Eyes”, “Bolero” and “Flames Of Love”, which are also represented on this album. These all time tracks “Fancy” coined his own style of music and the fact that he appeared wearing makeup made him unique. On this album (releasedate: 27.09.2013) you can find a beautiful and valuable addition to your music collection. By the way: Fancy will also be an inhabitant of the new “Promi Big Brother” edition in Germany (Sat.1).More information about: Fancy @ “Promi Big Brother”