150077We totally get it if you associate Portugal mainly with stunning nature, an incredible coastline and its warmhearted residents. Yet we would like to add another very worthwile aspect to your list: The Casino Royal. Familiar to many of our listeners already since we are proud to have released three albums of the Portuguese Band so far, The Casino Royal returns with a best of that sums up 10 years full of music and a unique sense of life. As the name implies James Bond fans will feel at home. Seductive and dreamy themes meet bold brass and an endless stream of groove and swing carries the audience. Always on board: Patricia Roque whose singing offers everything from awe-inspiring goosebumps to exulting emotions.But there’s more: Confirmed Bossa Nova fans will get their money’s worth just as all Lounge and hand-made music maniacs. Thrown from one mood into another by jumping from song to song this musical collection promises its listeners an unforgettable journey rich in variety and simply on point.

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A kiss is not only the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips of another person or of an object. A kiss is a emotional and romantic statement. The new single of The Casino Royal is looking for a kiss. The song is gospel oath of desire, love, passion and seduction. Like kissing James Bond on a reclining seat of a Aston Martin. The Casino Royal conjures with “You´ll give me that kiss” again a wonderfully light songwriting with orchestral Drive, Mediterranean groove, soft acoustic-riffs and rainbow-colored melodies. The single is taken from their current Mole Listening Pearls Album “From Portugal with Love”. This is music that celebrates the origins of lounge music from the 50s and 60s in perfect mood widescreen format. A perfect hot kiss will be expected!