The CMC Video Producer is a completely new programmed console to upload, manage and statistically review your video content. It complements the Audio Producer and is also fully integrated into the CMC (Content Management Console), allowing the customer to use various features, such as pre-setting the monetizing options for YouTube and full statistic control over viewer figures, the viewer’s countries of origin and other information. The CMC Video Producer is serving YouTube, as well as MyVideo and Dailymotion in the near future.

cmc-video-prodcer-2013-II.jpgFor more information, please visit: CMC Producer

The Producer 2 is fully integrated into the CMC (Content Mangagement Console) and will replace the old Deeep-Producer. The complete redevelopment allowed to implement many new and useful features: bulk import, create compilations per drag and drop, preselection of the stores, additional textfields, enhanced pricecodes, and a lot of other features, which facilate the daily work. Additional extensions specially for classical music and movies will follow, soon.

We’re proud to announce our newest development: The Deeep Producer. This tool brings you (a label or an aggregator) the full control over the delivery of digital distribution of your catalog. No XML knowledge is required. Simply enter labelcopies and upload the master and graphic files. You can also determined genre, release dates and any pre-sales for specific stores. Setting for delivery to your digital distribution has never been so easy! Once complete you ‘re releases are on the way to all download stores. Also compilations can be created quickly and easily without having to initial treatment all the tracks of your own catalog, which were published before, again. Furthermore, the system has a full quality checking. So if you upload something wrong by mistake or in a wrong format – don`t worry – the Deeep Producer will check it and inform you what need to be changed.