The new streaming service for electronic Music „Revibe” describes itself as “your home of electronic music”. It’s a platform where you can interact with the music, keep growing your musical interest and discover new artists, tracks and labels. The company was founded in 2011by three young Swedes with a passion for electronic music. and is headquartered in Stockholm. Revibe is a social music streaming service focusing exclusively on genres within electronic music. Their broad catalog includes music from various genres such as house, techno, chill out, dubstep, electro, progressive, minimal and trance. Revibe includes unique features that can be used to interact with the music. The Automixer seamlessly beatmatches all tracks and takes care of the mixing for you. Think you can beat the Automixer? Try the two channel DJ Mixer and manually mix with tools like crossfade, loops, effects, cue points and more. Revibe is instantly accessible through your web browser. There are no platform limitations and no need to download additional software. Revibe also includes mobile apps for iOS and Android that give you access to our entire catalog and lets you discover new music on the go. Experience our fully featured Automixer that seamlessly beatmatches your tracks and transforms any playlist into a mixtape. The transitions can be compared to what you would expect to hear from a club DJ.