For a monthly fee of € 9.99 you can have the unrestricted access to the extensive music library of Juke with over 13 million tracks from the repertoire of 80,000 labels, including all the majors. All styles of music – from pop to classical – are represented. Juke launched in Germany on the 1st of September 2011 at the address www.myjuke.com. In the next 14 days, users have the opportunity to test the music streaming service for free and discover for themselves. “The technological revolution of smartphones and the rise of Internet-based hi-fi and video electronics provides an ideal environment for our high-quality music streaming service,” said Frank Taubert, CEO and co-founder of 24-7 Entertainment, Inc. “Juke is anywhere, at any time and be available through a variety of devices, and an easy and intuitive!” Use the search field on the page and all the songs and artists quickly will be displayed. The player is already integrated. With a mouse click is possible to create individual playlists, songs or entire albums can be added via drag and drop. Another click and the desired music starts – no waiting period. The free apps brings all the 13 million songs and all playlists to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Smartphone with Android OS. Users can create new playlists with the apps as well. And most important: the Juke app offers an offline mode. Thus, the favorite music is also there with it, where there is no internet connection – on the beach, on the train or even in an airplane. Using Bluetooth, the Juke can of course also be applied to the car radio.