As Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886 wrote his first Sherlock Holmes story, he had no idea what fame he would achieve this figure. For more than a century of idiosyncratic detective with pipe and his faithful companion Dr. Watson readers and fans fascinated all over the world. Crack codes have imaginative – and particularly successful – ideas so go the individual cases on the ground and always get the evildoers on the track.

Including the full TV-series:
Episode 01: Das Cunninghams Erbe
Episode 02: Der Fall der Lady Baryl
Episode 03: Der Fall der Pensylvannia-Pistole
Episode 04: Der Fall des Texas-Showgirl
Episode 05: Der Fall des streitsüchtigen Geistes
Episode 06: Der Fall der schüchternen Ballerina
Episode 07: Der Fluch der Winthrops
Episode 08: Das Ritual
Episode 09: Der seltsame Fall des Harry Crocker
Episode 10: Der Fall des verirrten Mädchens
Episode 11: Der Fall der rothaarigen Gentlemen
Episode 12: Sherlock Holmes und die Falschmünzer
Episode 13: Sherlock Holmes und das geteilte Los
Episode 14: Sherlock Holmes und der entführte Übersetzer
Episode 15: Der Fall der singenden Violine
Episode 16: Der Fall der historischen Inschrift
Episode 17: Der Fall der lachenden Mumie
Episode 18: Der Fall des Distel-Killers
Episode 19: Der Fall des verschwundenen Detektivs
Episode 20: Der tödliche Kriket-Ball
Episode 21: Der Fall des schweigsamen Tischlers
Episode 22: Der Fall der tödlichen Prophezeiung
Episode 23: Der Fall des Weihnachtspuddings
Episode 24: Sherlock Holmes und das Rätsel des Nachtzugs
Episode 25: Der Fall des gewalttätigen Verehrers
Episode 26: Der Fall der Baker Street Kindermädchen
Episode 27: Der Fall des perfekten Ehemannes
Episode 28: Der Fall des erhängten Kaufmanns
Episode 29: Der Fall des betrügerischen Doppelgängers
Episode 30: Der Eiffelturm – Mordfall
Episode 31: Giftmord in Farnsworth Castel
Episode 32: Auftrag eines Todgeweihten
Episode 33: Der Fall der Baker Street Junggesellen
Episode 34: Ein königlicher Mord
Episode 35: Das Geisterschloss in Schottland
Episode 36: Der Verdacht des Dr. Watson
Episode 37: Der Fall des glücklosen Spielers
Episode 38: Der Fall des Diamant-Zahns
Episode 39: Der Fall des mordverdächtigen Apothekers

plus the bonus movies:
Der Hund von Baskerville (96 Min.)
Im Zeichen der Vier (91 Min.)
Sherlock Holmes und die Dinosaurier (89 Min.)

Germany has a birth rate of 1.36%. Why is that? No woman has mood for stupid “Bratz children”. It follows that the genes need to be manipulated or “doped”, because as soon as a man with an IQ of 130 to donate his inheritance. Accompanied Maja in finding the best sperm …

We are proud of our mega Hamburger “Bratz children”. Outspoken and rough. Objectively and unobjective. Every Friday a new episode @ CiNENET Germany!

Here you can see all released episodes for free: DNA Junkies – Die Serie.

Filmstadt (English: Film City, short FLMSTDT) is a series about us – the inhabitants of the media landscape. We accompany Melinda, a young actress and George, an unsuccessful former film students as they fight their way through the film and television world. Most winking, but also dramatically we portray our situation (and also particularly in Hamburg) that the “Generation angst” passes from the “internship generation”.

This series was produced by any TV station, but independently supported by the initiative “Our Shows”. Written, directed and produced by Dennis Albrecht, the much biography and anecdotes from 17 years can here incorporate film business. Many TV series actors come in guest roles before, for example, Oliver Hermann, Elke Jochmann & Wolfgang Hartmann (all Alpha Team), Ulrike Kargus & Niklas Osterloh (Red Rose), Tokessa Martinius & Norman Kalle (GZSZ) and Jan Stapelfeldt (Marienhof, GSG 9).

Every Wednesday a new episode @ CiNENET Germany!

Here you can see all released episodes for free: Filmstadt – Die Serie.


After the Arctic Western “MEM”, CiNENET Germany has now launched its breathtaking new mini series “Radio Silence”! Watch the thrilling story of a radio host and a brutal serial killer in five episodes – now on CiNENET! Hobby pirate radio host Doc Rock is on air with his own station “Night Hawk” and is doing a broadcast about the so-called Night Slasher – a brutal killer who sneaks around the city at night, looking for victims, and neatly dismembers them alive – but Doc didn’t reckon with this listener! The Night Slasher himself tunes in and proposes Doc a riddle, the solution of which would save the life of his next victim, young and sexy Tara. The game is on!Trailer: Radio Silence – The Series,
First Episode: Radio Silence – The Series.

Amateur radio presenter Doc Rock has anticipated his listeners to his mission over the so-called “Nightslasher”, a brutal killer, not! The Night Slasher himself turns into the mission and provides Doc remained a mystery on whose solution the life of the young and pretty Tara hangs, the latest victim of the night Carver. The game has begun!

Every Friday exclusive @ CiNENET Germany.

If you like to watch he full series, please follow the link: Radio Silence – Die Serie.

MEM is a post-apocalyptic Western Web series which takes place in the Antarctic of the 24th century. Life in Antarctica is possible after a devastating war with biological weapons, where the last people fight for their very survival. A Government does not exist, the level of technology is located in the early industrial revolution. Those who do not live in the settlements, have joined together either in small communities and farms or live isolated from all social structures. The neo natives keep covered and belong to an own nature Federation forming faith community.

MEM is a pure independent production and was made possible through the tireless efforts of all those involved. Co-financed by the crowd of Startnext.

CiNENET Germany: MEM – Die Serie (complete), Startnext: MEM – Die Serie, Facebook: MEM – Die Serie.

Rome Session, mixed by Aki Bergen
The Rome based Italian DJ and producer Aki Bergen, who started his career under the alias Neuroxyde had his debut on Plastic City in early 2010 with his MP3 release “Daftastic World” that was chosen by Terry Lee Brown Junior for his latest “Terry’s Café” compilation episode and was followed by another great MP3 EP named “Something Like This”. Generally Aki Bergen’s deep and tech house releases, who released his first production in 1997 are extremely successful. Wether in the sales charts of Europe, in the Deep House Beatport Chart or the Beatport General Chart – you will find the name Aki Bergen always at the top. So Plastic City asked Aki Bergen to continue its “Session” compilation series with the “Rome Session” after the “Paris Session” mixed by DJ Yellow and the “Zurich Session” mixed by DJ Miguel. The entire mix convinces with its playfulness. Aki Bergen is a master in combining exhilerating and light melodies combined with sexy grooves and unconcerned light atmospheres. Aki, who collaborated with artists like 2000 And One, Milton Jackson or Pezzner so far creates a warm emulsion consisting of the best ingredients only. It enfolds its effect immediately and causes boundless possibilities to move the body. Aki, who is furthermore the founder of the Neurotraxx imprint and whose biggest hit was the track “Jazzy Stuff” proves taste by choosing tracks of Lukas Greenberg, Babak Shayan, The Timewriter, Instant Pleasure, Brother’s Vibe, Terry Grant, Milton Jackson, Wollion, Doomwork and others. He created a mix that is perfect to prepare an unbelievable night. Available Formats: CD, mp3.Paris Session, mixed by DJ Yellow
The next electronic City Guide takes us into the magic spirit from Paris. Each compilation from the new “City Session” series shows us a place which is known for its vibrant nightlife. In the case of the second episode, Plastic City has decided to take a look at the French capital Paris, compiled by the French DJ Yellow. Because of his brilliant album “Ending Of Time”, which was released in autumn 2009, and because of he is one of the leading DJs and producers in France for years, he is the perfect choice. DJ Yellow purchased his first slabs of vinyl at the tender age of 13, in the year of 1979. With a pair of turntables that he acquired from his older brother, the sounds of James Brown, Barry White and more obscure contemporaries inspired him to pursue his dream to become a DJ, his chance to rise from a life in poverty in the Parisian ghetto. When he met Bob Sinclar in the early 90’s during a night out, things took a turn. As young Alain was not satisfied with local fame alone, they jointly set out to explore new means to bring the music he loved so much to a larger audience. With this philosophy in mind, they started their label Yellow Productions in 1993, to critical acclaim. An underground label at first, it was perhaps Yellow’s search for personality and his ear for quality that opened the door to a colourful palette of signings, that included artists as diverse as Dimitri From Paris, Kid Loco, Bang Bang, Joe Claussell, Salome de Bahia and of course Bob Sinclar himself, all of which have helped to shape the French sound, as it is today. The very balanced and bright deep and melodic “Paris Session” mix includes tracks from The Timewriter, DJ Yellow Presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra, Alain Ho & Daniel Kyo, Roberto Rodriguez and many more. The mix changes between funky, groovy, atmospheric, and very flowery tracks and creates an oppressive sound. Available Formats: CD, mp3.

Zurich Session, mixed by DJ Miguel (Smalltown Collective)
Plastic City takes off with a new compilation series to allow you an overview of european deep and tech house culture. Every compilation will take a country and a city that is well known for its pulsating nightlife. In case of the first episode Plastic City decided to take a look into the scene of Switzerland and asked DJ Miguel to create the compilation. He is one of Switzerland’s leading Djs and producers and founder of the labels east2zurich and “Out of Ordinary”, part of the Smalltown Collective and owner of the Mig Projects agency and the “smoove group GmbH”. Furthermore he signed up at Circle Music and for new projects on Plastic City. With Get Physical’s Lopazz he produced tracks for Bacteria Records Switzerland and Eyerer’s & Romboy’s Session Deluxe at the beginning of the year. The very balanced and bright mix includes deep and melodic tracks from The Timewriter, Rene Breithbarth, Nacho Marco, Gorge, Franksen & Tom Wax, Nicole Moudaber, Andry Nalin, Smalltown Collective, Greg Parker, Nick Curly and DJ Yellow presentz Mindz Kontrol Ultra. Between funky, groovy, atmospheric and very flowery tracks Miguel creates a pushing and kind of dark dancefloor atmosphere that characterizes the sound of DJ Miguel and the catalogue of Plastic City. So keep your eyes open for the Plastic City Night at Supermarket in Zurich with Terry Lee Brown Junior at the beginning of september 2009 and the second Plastic City Night with Gorge at Zurich’s Mascotte in november. Available Formats: CD, mp3.