dbs_для дизайнера Involution tells us the story of Hamming and Liv, a couple living in the future. The Earth has been sent out of control, affected by a cruel and inhuman mechanism that turns back Darwin’s theory of Evolution…

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of “Involution“, a movie from Pavel Khvaleev which will be released in 2019 worldwide.

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daredo media presents on the Darling Berlin label the Original Soundtrack of LOVE STEAKS with music by The Knife, Blood for Blood, Andrea Berg, SWISS and the score by composer Golo Schultz. The soundtrack is highly emotional and contains both music by the favorite bands of the director and the producers, which also can be heard in the movie, and the original score, partly in extended cut versions, as well as some of the gems that have emerged during the compositors process of LOVE STEAKS. Well-known Indie bands like THE KNIFE, Hardcore legends BLOOD FOR BLOOD or Jazz icons NDR BIG BAND encounter German Schlager hits by ANDREA BERG and Underground Hip Hop by SWISS. Similarly electrifying is the pulsating score with Golo Schultz’ monumental Dubstep, recorded by DEUTSCHES FILMORCHESTERS BABELSBERG, among others. “Due to our method of making the movie, we also broke new ground in producing the music, by working with the original score layouts already in the cutting process. Many titles had a rather theoretical guideline which we playfully dealt with in intensive and creative improvised sessions. What came out was – besides the tracks in the movie – lots of fun and a big amount of heart’s blood which we didn’t want to end up in the drawer. A nice plate with goodies from the movie and with tracks that widen the world of LOVE STEAKS. All mixed and mastered fresh and juicy”, says composer and producer Golo Schultz. The Original soundtrack is served classically in a jewel case CD with extensive track-by-track comments by the composer in a 16-page booklet. The delight is even increased the many positive reactions and awards the movie has gained at festivals during the last year and right before the film started in cinemas. For the first time in the history of the Munich Filmfest, the love story won all four advancement awards and received the script prize without even having a script. Besides that, LOVE STEAKS is nominated for the German Film Prize LOLA. At the Slamdance Festival, the film received the Slamdance Trailer Competition Grand Prize by YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, in Saarbrücken the movie had sold-out houses and won the Grand Prize Max Ophüls Preis, which is awarded with 36.000 Euros. In Rotterdam, the film won the Lions Club L’Esprit du Temps.

Lisbon. Beginning of the evening. A day just like the rest. Simone leaves work. She’s late to a party where her husband’s latest Project will be launched. She has twenty minutes to get to Oeiras. As soon as her car arrives at the Duarte Pacheco viaduct, a strange occurrence will change her life forever.

A thirty year old man, Guilherme, is ready to jump of to his death. Simone leaves her car, comes closer, and… he mumbles something, then he looks her in the eyes, kisses her, dances with her, and at the end… throws himself. This man becomes more than a newspaper head for Simone. This man is a mystery transforming into an obsession. Slowly Simone starts backing off from her husband, friends and work to follow the track of the dead man, discovering a life oscillating between reality and fantasy. Between dream and frustration. Guilherme’s universe takes over Simone, and she falls in love with him, or with the idea of him. A painful absence that shakes the tranquility of Simone’s monotonous and bourgeois way of life. Simone ends up “infiltrating” Guilherme’s family, pretending to be his girlfriend, lover or even widow. She became a completely different person, rejecting her previous life or simply “waking up”.