Those who were there will never forget „Ibiza Summer 1994“ the house vocals of „Shane Campbell“ lead singer of the Italian Dance Music Project „Alex Party“ (Italian brothers Paolo and Gianni Visnadi (also of Livin’ Joy), DJ Alex Natale and vocalist Robin ‘Shanie’ Campbell) who came from nowhere and landed one of the biggest charts hits of 94/95, not only in the U.K. & Europe but also Top 10 hits in USA & Australia. And now! To the much anticipated “Remix Collection 2K13” the package kicks off with a monster big room remix from DJ Eddy N. and then for all the “Clubber’s” are the remixes from Colognes finest “Lissat & Voltaxx” and also not forgetting “B.K. Duke & Ezzy Safaris” remixes. The icing on the cake and the commercial cross over mix comes from the “Italian Stallions” “The Starclubbers” and making the Remix Package complete the minimal mix from Napoli’s finest “DJ Daniele Petronelli”.

Streetheat Music is one of Germany’s leading and oldest Dance Companies with there exclusive labels Total Recall, Hyper Hype, BCM and Streetheat, specializing in dance music. There homepage www.streetheat.de offers brand new HipHop/R`n`B remixes (over 6.500 masters) to professional DJs as CD, DVD and Download. It is also the home of Americas leading remix services such as Ultimix Inc., Selectmix Inc., X-mix and Ghetto Jams, that month for month make remixes of the Top Hits from Billboard Top 100. Now, Streetheat is starting to release original Disco & Dance Classics together with selected Remixes for the first time digitally.