132144_webOur new edition of our well-known Plastic City Radio Show Series mixed by Junior Gee is out now!

Incl. Tracks by Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Official), The Timewriter, Junior Gee, Evren Furtuna, G.Pal, Dobrocsi Krisztián Forteba, The Mulder, Stryke, Greg Parker, BUCHER & KESSIDIS, Dj Antonio Official, Tomy Wahl Official, Ecilo, Soulfeed, Ira Ange, Tuxedo, Phable, BD Tom, Phil Source

helly larsonWe are still very much mourning the sad and sudden passing of our beloved friend Lars Helbig, known to many as Helly Larson and it’s a pure honour for us to put his latest Track „Quadral“ on this compilation to reflect our thoughts at this really hard time.

Rest in peace Helly, this compilation is dedicated to you!

Release Date: November 17th, 2017
Beatport Exclusive: October 20th, 2017

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Flight No. PC42 To Plastic City (mp3-compilation)

Flight No. PC42 to Plastic City is a special one. It will give you the chance to get in contact with exclusive new tracks from new arrivals as well as from the known artists of Plastic City. This time, 25 artists from four continents are aboard: Tom Pooks, Rob Pearson & Alberto Ferrante, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Adam Jace, Lukas Greenberg, El Farouki, Mecanique, Lincoln Six Echo, Budai & Vic, Stryke, Satoshi Fumi, R.T.A. feat. Katerina, Da Funk, The Timewriter, The Mulder, Jeff Bennett, Subsky, Harold Heath, Dirty Cover, Heim & Jones, Processing Vessel, Tek Killa, Denace 2 Society, Forteba and Lee Humphreys. And like throughout in a city the new arrivals and the known habitants mix each other very fast and build something innovative. Most of the tracks are specially and exclusive produced for this project.

Available Format: mp3.

The Mulder – I Take You Out To Space (Remixes) – Plastic City. Play

The track “I Take You Out To Space” was originally released in 2005 – perfect at the time the sound of the nineties was up-to-date again. For Jon Silva, a Plastic City artist from the beginnings, this was a welcome occasion to reactivate his old alias “The Mulder”. This project was founded during the mystery boom in the mid-nineties, started by the the successful TV series “X-Files” among others. Its beginning found this project in the mid-nineties – at that time together with Len Faki- by the idea to set up with samples from X-Files chapters some tracks which are reflecting the panache of this time. The results of this project were the very successful single-releases “The Police” and “The Crab Candidate”. This release includes brand new remixes of “I Take you Out To Space” as well as two new tracks.

Available Format: mp3.

Maybe “Bioground” will release an album on Plastic City in the year 2005. Maybe “The Mulder” and “The Kelly Project” just hand in their new singles on Plastic City. Who knows? Maybe the current era will be entitled ‘Maybe Plastic City’ in the label history. Maybe you will like the idea. Maybe we will take some time to redesign the whole website again for a new era, maybe we stay in the sun and do this later. Maybe life has a meaning, maybe you will find it, maybe we will show you… …maybe it’s just 42…