After three thrilling and exciting years, the German DJ / producer duo Hochanstaendig reaches the next stage by releasing their first studio album „Eins!“ In recent years, the two “troublemakers” caused a lot of excitement with their countless live shows in clubs and at festivals. Over the years the two also developed the typical Hochanstaendig sound, culminating in the two hit tracks “Super Duper” and “Ba Bam”. These “bombs” took the DDC (German dance charts) as well as the dance floors by assault! Their latest remix collaboration “Herzschlag” with singer / songwriter Cris Cosmo surprised not only the dance music scene, it was a huge success in the dance charts as well!”Eins!” seamlessly continues the story combining Hochanstaendig’s already released singles with new musical aspects. The 14 tracks and remixes of the album perfectly describe what constitutes the Hochanstaendig-sound. Collaborations with Cris Cosmo, EDM-acts Stereofunk and Popmuschi, as well as remixes for 120dB-labelmates The Palatinates and Filip Riva & Christian Rothas complete the debut album and make it truly unique! For more information about the artist and the album, please visit: Hochanstaendig Homepage

Certainly, 120dB is not a really recommended noise level… but it is symbolizing the energy of the sound this house music label stands for. The two founders and managers Greg Silver and Chico Chiquita are both very experienced DJs and producers from Germanys “magic city of House Music”: Mannheim. But differing from the typical deep and calm sound of that region, 120dB stands for powerful and energetic house music from progressive to tech-house and even electro. The most important attributes for the sound of 120dB is the functionality on the dancefloor and a high recognition value, like all members of the 120dB Family as Laserkraft 3D, Falko Niestolik & BK Duke, Wishes & Dreams, Dirt onE, Groovejuice, The Palatinates and many others already showed. Biggest 120dB-success and poster act Laserkraft 3D reached the top 10 single charts in 5 European countries and gold status in Germany. Teamed up for their weekly radio show on Germanys biggest electronic music radio and also as a perfectly matching DJ team, Greg and Chico always represent the 120dB sound on- and off air – watch out!