132144_webOur new edition of our well-known Plastic City Radio Show Series mixed by Junior Gee is out now!

Incl. Tracks by Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Official), The Timewriter, Junior Gee, Evren Furtuna, G.Pal, Dobrocsi Krisztián Forteba, The Mulder, Stryke, Greg Parker, BUCHER & KESSIDIS, Dj Antonio Official, Tomy Wahl Official, Ecilo, Soulfeed, Ira Ange, Tuxedo, Phable, BD Tom, Phil Source

helly larsonWe are still very much mourning the sad and sudden passing of our beloved friend Lars Helbig, known to many as Helly Larson and it’s a pure honour for us to put his latest Track „Quadral“ on this compilation to reflect our thoughts at this really hard time.

Rest in peace Helly, this compilation is dedicated to you!

Release Date: November 17th, 2017
Beatport Exclusive: October 20th, 2017

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117818Terry Lee Brown Junior‘s latest work “Innocent” featuring the beautiful and fragile voice of Ira Ange gets some stunning reworks by none less than Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia, The Timewriter, Forteba, BDTom and a Drum & Bass version by BTK.

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116165“Imagination of the Shape” is the slogan ot Plastic City’s current release period. The future of the label is the past and present. Or the present is the future. It depends how you look at it. Plastic City has always meant development. We will stay true our policy of releasing but quality tracks which can be heard and played in years to come. Maybe the upcoming releases will show you this again…
The “Bullets” contains tracks and remixes from none less than Terry Lee Brown Junior, Gorge, SIS, Ruede Hagelstein, Robert Babicz,  Smalltown Collective, Phonique & Tigerskin, Ray Okpara, Nikola Gala, Plastik Funk and many more
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Forteba – Fabula (Plastic City) out on Sept. 25th!

After the huge success of Forteba´s first three albums “Space Between Us,”For Some Time Past” and ” Stereoform” on Plastic City, critics and fans were persecuted by the clear sound and the straight intention, Krisztián Dobrocsi aka Forteba convinced. Both were great works of an artist on the go constantly trying new ways to meet the pulse of him or even to define. Now that more than 3 years have passed and Forteba has achieved with his side-project “Krisztián Decay” in the lounge and listening genre great success, now it is time for another “Forteba” album on Plastic City. With his fourth Album “FABULA” Forteba is now featuring new sounds and brings his talent, depth and warmth to skillfully blend with contemporary club sounds to advantage. He overwhelmed the listener in no way restricted by unnecessary sensationalism and in the productions on the main without too minimalist or even technoid to be. All in all Forteba succeed with his fourth album “Fabula” a quantum leap in the direction of current club sounds, placing it at the same time Plastic City in a new and fresh light.

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Various Artists – Best of Harthouse Digital (Harthouse) – out now!

Incl. Tracks and Remixes by Boris Brejcha, Mihalis Safras, Tom Hades, Sasha Carassi, Alessio Mereu, Eric Tarlouf, Anderson Noise, Mike S. and many more …

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Various Artists – Deep House Extravaganza Vol. 9 (Tronic Soundz) – out now!

Incl. Tracks and Remixes by Nick Curly, Alex Flatner & Lopazz, M.in, Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, Alex Niggemann, Quenum and many more …

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True temples of peace could be find in many cities behind the facades of houses. Green idylls shielded from the bustling noise of the streets. Even a large town such as Plastic City has this shady backyards. Maybe something grows beside the music flow of the label sound, but this alternative vibe also represent several Plastic City artists. Terry Lee Brown Junior combed through the quiet courtyards of Plastic City and put together this new brilliant Complilation from this small pearls from the label archives. With sounds from The Timewriter, J. Axel, MSMS, Babak Shayan or Terry Lee Brown Junior himself, the Compilation is laidback, downtempo and chill and tears open the gate widely to the backyards of Plastic City! Available as MP3
Crack the Smack Vol. 2

Direct Tunes Vol. 2 30 superb Techhouse Tunes united on one compilation. With artists like: Terry Lee Brown Junior, Soda Inc., The Timewriter, Junior Gee, Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ, Cream Movement and many more, they guarantee to offer an unique tech house sound good for a relaxed evening celebrations! Available as MP3
Crack the Smack Vol. 2

Direct Tunes Vol. 2 30 superb Techhouse Tunes united on one compilation. With artists like: Terry Lee Brown Junior, Soda Inc., The Timewriter, Junior Gee, Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ, Cream Movement and many more, they guarantee to offer an unique tech house sound good for a relaxed evening celebrations!
Currently, you can finde fourteen digedo releases from the labels Plastic City, Memento Records, Playhouse, 4In4Out Music, Circle Music and Tronic Soundz in the top 100 Beatport Tech-House and Deep House Charts:Tech-House Charts:# 38: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Bohemian Life (Plastic City)# 39: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Junior Gee Remix) (Plastic City)# 53: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) (Plastic City)# 66: Terry Lee Brown Junior with Greg Parker – Ego Expedition (Plastic City)# 75: Brett Jacobs & Sully – Take Time (4In4Out Music)# 89: Aki Bergen – Do It Up (Plastic City)# 93: Gorge & Andre Hommen – Hakunyo (Ray Okpara) (Tronic Soundz)# 98: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Neutral – Plastic City (Plastic City)Deep House Charts:# 25: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Paco Osuna & Andrea Introvigne Remix) (Memento Records)# 33: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Original Mix) (Memento Records)# 73: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Tribe (Plastic City)# 92: LoSoul – btw (Plein Soleil Remix) (Playhouse)# 95: Daniel Bortz – I Am Looking (LoSoul Remix) (Circle Music)# 97: Terry Lee Brown Junior with The Timewriter – It Startet Right Here (Plastic City)

Win one of three Double LPs from The Timewriter – Tiefenschön

The rules are easy: Everybody who write a comment to the competition message on Facebook till next tuesday (4th of May) will have the chance to win one of three Double LPs from “The Timewriter – Tiefenschön”. On Wednesday we will write all names on notes and we will do a drawing lots. The names of the winner you can find here as well… Let´s start!

Competition @ Facebook: Plastic City; Available Formats: CD, 2LP, mp3.


Free Download: The Timewriter – Extratiefe (Plastic City)

After a long musical journey beginning in 1994 with his first single and subsequent albums, he now melts together his continuously developing sound with the sound of the good old days. The results are deep and tech house tracks which have a warm old school twist and flavour to them at the same time as totally hitting the zeitgeist. Tiefenschön as an album is a complete whirlwind having a raw and dirty feel to it, albeit without losing focus on the original and well-known Jean F. Cochois sound. This is an extremely strong club album with a powerful recognition value – not only musically, but also visually thanks to its album cover. Emotionally loaded with this pleasant kind of pain that just hurts in the right places. Not only as a producer and remixer, but also as DJ, The Timewriter enjoys the respect he receives internationally since the last 15 Years. He held a residency in Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club and plays in Clubs all across the globe. On a regular basis he presents his own mix-cd series “Deep Train” of which Vol. 6 was voted Album of the Month in Mix Mag UK.

Free Download: The Timewriter – Extratiefe.