The Vampire hit from England! After a night of partying with friends takes Isabel, an attractive young businesswoman, spontaneously an illegal taxi driver to take home. Things come to a head when the stranger is intrusive, their imposes force and eventually takes their lives. This event observed from a female vampire from the house roof. Asked by Isabel’s beauty and innocence she chased the taxi driver and give Isabel a drop of her own immortal blood. As Isabel awakened her stay 48 hours to between immortality as a vampire or death to decide by suicide to escape the undeath.

For fans of “Dracula”, “Blade” and “Twilight – dawn”!

Based on the award winning novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, “Speak” unfolds a story about Melinda (Kristen Stewart), a smart and spirited high school freshman who retreats into self-imposed silence after she is raped one night at a party. Feeling isolated from her classmates and from her preoccupied mother Joyce Sardnino (Elizabeth Perkins), Melinda retreats further in an attempt to escape the torments of high school. It is only through her work in art class with the help of her compassionate art teacher Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn) that she begins to reach out to others and eventually finds her own voice and inner strength. A feature debut of director/co-writer Jessica Sharzer, “Speak” resonates with stubborn honesty and sardonic humor as we follow Melinda on her journey from traumatized isolation to a brave and final triumphant disclosure.