On a holiday trip to Miami, where she wants to visit her boyhood friend Will and his girlfriend Lindsay, young Sara (Itziar Martinez) wants to find fun and relaxation. In order to cheer up Sara, who has become very shy since the death of her parents, Will (Sean Ormond) decides to organize a barbecue party with the friendly inhabitants of the complex. At the party she meets Zack, a professional model, Kate, a nurse and Alex. Alex behaves very strangely and urgently warns Sara not to go near the pool. He advises her to leave the building as soon as possible. At first, Sara doesn’t attach any importance to the words, but without knowing how she got there, she finds herself at the bottom of the pool in the middle of the night and is pushed under water by an unknown force. It is only through luck that she manages not to drown. Any attempt to leave the building seems hopeless and it quickly becomes clear that she must absolutely avoid coming into contact with water…

This is the worldwide BD premiere of the uncut version of this highly acclaimed Horror Mystery Thriller, which was awarded with the LAIFF May Award 2018 at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, for the best directing debut.

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Cat.No.: DWP1560 (BD) / DWP1569 (DVD)
Release: 8th March 2019

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