After initially being launched in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea a couple of weeks ago, the new streaming service Youtube Music is now also available in 12 new countries including Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom

YouTube Music is now available for download as an app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The service streaming is offering new personalized and all simply organized features in a new app and as a web player at

YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) has also been launched in Germany and 16 other countries last monday, providing members with the benefits of Music Premium, plus ad-free, background, and downloads across all of YouTube.

YouTube Premium includes video content produced by YouTube, such as YouTube Originals shows and films, including the hits Cobra Kai and Impulse, as well as new shows starting today: F2 Finding Football, which takes viewers and celebrity guests on a world tour during the FIFA World Cup, and The Sidemen Show.

Besides of a free (ad-supported) model, YouTube Music Premium goes online at the familiar price of 9.99 € / £; those who want to use YouTube Premium additionally pay 11.99  € / £ for the package or 17.99  € / £ for the family option. Interested users can test the service free of charge in the first three months.

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132265Not Profane, the blond german pop singer unveiled his new single, „My Life Doesn’t Suck With You“ with a brand new, more grown-up sound. A mixture between Future Deep House and good vibes summer Pop the uptempo song makes you wanna dance right away. But the lyrics are actually pretty dark and serious. “I wrote this song in a very dark place in my life. I almost wanted to quit music. We all go through ups and downs in life, fight our inner demons. Sometimes everything just sucks. But if you watch closely, you see that you have many things you can be thankful for. I try to focus on the good things and people that are always there for me, like friends, family and especially Jesus. I trust that everything will work out at the end and Im really grateful for what I have”, says Not Profane. The Official Music video is coming soon. Not Profane already gained several millions views with his music videos on Youtube/Spotify and found support on MTV, Viva and Mc Donald’s Germany.

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Breaking news:  YouTube finally subscribes a licensing deal with GEMA to host music videos in Germany. 

We’re excited to let you know that the German music rights collection society GEMA and YouTube have come to an agreement, which will be effective as of November 1, 2016. This agreement benefits the entire YouTube community as well as songwriters, composers and music publishers represented by GEMA.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-02 um 12.02.50Most importantly, it will also benefit you and your artists. Music content that was previously blocked in the absence of an agreement with GEMA can now be viewed by the German, Austrian and Swiss YouTube audience. Additionally, this will bring more revenue opportunities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for your music content.

Please check if you have already delivered the correct ownership information for Germany, Austria and Switzerland on your Music Video and Sound Recording assets. If not, please make sure that you update your assets as soon as possible or get in contact with our Youtube Music Manager Jadranka Celik


DBD100-Cafe-Pargue-2016-art-web2incl. Remixes from Patrick Hofmann, Lukas Greenberg, PROMI5E
The second release ever on 120dB Records “Café Prague” was none less than a success story.

Producer & DJ Groovejuice (who is part of Laserkraft 3D and a.k.a. OhMyBoy) astounded us with his hypnotic Electro-Swing track, built from sampled Jazz Piano and Krupa-styled snare drums, simply blew up our minds. The track’s promotional video got over 3.5 Million views on YouTube and is one of the best selling tracks of the label ever!

After 6 years, the time is right for some new interpretations: Patrick Hofmann (Tiger Records, RUN DBN, Seveneves) transfers the classic into contemporary Garage House, ready for all clubs and dance floors. Newcomer talent PROMI5E adds a nasty Future House-Bassline and creates a true monster of a remix! Last but not least, Lukas Greenberg (RIP) of Plastic City guarantees absolute quality in Deep- and Tech House, and delivers a groovy “Samba Edit” for underground DJs and friends of the cooler sounds.
Start the dance again – Café Prague is back!

Download or Stream:

Original Video:



“Christmas” is a compound word originating in the term “Christ’s Mass”. It is derived from the „Middle English“ Cristemasse, a phrase first recorded in 1038 followed by the word Cristes-messe in 1131. On Christmas, people exchange gifts based on the tradition associated with St. Nicholas. Because of this, CiNENET Germany presents the „Christmas Special 2013“ playlist with Christmas and fairytale films like “Das Wunder von San Francisco”, “Golden Winter – Wir suchen ein Zuhause…”, “Das Weihnachtswunder”, “Dornröschen”, “Rotkäppchen”, „Fünf Freunde beim Wanderzirkus”, „Nur Hunde kommen in den Himmel“, „Der falsche Weihnachtsmann” and “Kasper – Die alte Hexe Schrumbeldei“ as a gift to all our fans and supporters from CiNENET.Direct Link: Christmas Special 2013 @ CiNENET Germany

The CMC Video Producer is a completely new programmed console to upload, manage and statistically review your video content. It complements the Audio Producer and is also fully integrated into the CMC (Content Management Console), allowing the customer to use various features, such as pre-setting the monetizing options for YouTube and full statistic control over viewer figures, the viewer’s countries of origin and other information. The CMC Video Producer is serving YouTube, as well as MyVideo and Dailymotion in the near future.

cmc-video-prodcer-2013-II.jpgFor more information, please visit: CMC Producer


The first official music video for Zagar’s latest album, Light Leaks, is out now. The video, inspired by 70’s sci-fi movies, was directed by the Hungarian-Russian filmmaker Danila Kostil (Kinopravda). The shooting location was a saltmine and stalactite cave in Cardona, near Barcelona. The mockups were shot in a studio with the help of an Argentinean and Catalan team. The video was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign where fans raised over 4000 euros. “We wanted to picture an ethernal, dramatic world with the emblematic analogue technique of the 70’s sci-fi movies. The inspiration was Tarkovsky’s famous movie, Solaris. The video features the Spanish Edu Evia the American Amanda Goldsmith and my daughter Liza Zsager, who appears on the album cover of Light Leaks also – said Balazs Zsager, leader of Zagar. The single which has already been played on BBC was released along with six fresh remixes by Hungarian cutting edge music producers by the German record label Mole Listening Pearls. Watch the Video here Space Medusa
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the music for the Mass Dance Global Party! diana-daredo-music.jpgDiana Miro is a house singer and electronic music producer from Kiev, Ukraine. Native media has already named her as “David Guetta in a skirt” stressing the unusual Miro’s passion for writing electronic music when it goes about the girls interests. Feeling herself confident both in studio and concert stage, D. Miro presents to the audience her original tracks which are mainstream electro house mixed with progressive, trance, dutch house and even dub step. Be ready to dive into the mass dance party when it goes about Diana Miro Live performance. A vibrant Miro’s vocal, groovy tunes and special Led Dance show will impress even the most discerning clubbers and music lovers. D.Miro’s house discography is gradually filling with EP’s. Being preceded by several releases in US and UK the “Forever” single became the one that brought a commercial success to Diana Miro. It got into radio and TV air in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Baltics, holding on the top lines of the dance charts during two weeks. The biggest web-service for dj’s and clubbers in CIS the PromoDj supported the single with Remix Contest getting the feedback of 300 remixes from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia and other countries. So it´s time to release the single worldwide, soon…

For more info, please visit:
Diana Miro homepage
Proton Records @ Facebook

From the heart of the thriving Eastern European electronica scene, prolific Hungarian five-piece Zagar present an EP of exclusive remixes courtesy of cutting-edge artists Cottonmouth, Miami Kidz, Demon Superior, AMB and Yesman. It is the latest innovative flourish from a band that has built a reputation for combining powerful hit-driven tracks with cinematic moods- a recipe for deliciously atmospheric records and astonishing live shows. This latest EP is something of an evolution of creativity, with each collaborator taking the anthemic sound of ‘Never The Same’ and moulding it into new, exciting shapes each step of the way. Whether it’s the irresistible dubstep breaks introduced by Cottonmouth, the summery pop vibe of Demon Superior’s re-working or the spacey wonky beat track by AMB, it really is a fine demonstration of the incredible scope of musical possibility. Of course, that’s not to overlook the song itself. The original cut’s vibrant soul was captured perfectly in an ambitious single-take video that was left unedited. Being joined by the official fire brigade band with a sumptuous brass section, this performance sums up the sense of mood and drama that Zagar so freely evoke. In fact, their sound is so uniquely affecting that they have also seen their music being incorporated into short feature films and theatre- as well as featuring on American TV series, CSI.Their runaway success has meant that Zagar have become one of the most sought out acts at festivals and clubs across Europe. Performing since 2001, they have performed in ten different countries which has also seen them sharing a stage with Depeche Mode on their Tour of the Universe in 2009. With plans for the next studio album already underway, 2012 is set to be another flourishing year for Zagar.

A hit with the press, their live performances have left quite an impression:

“Genius electronic band from Eastern Europe. Zsager is a cool guy, but on stage he becomes fucking nuts!”
Alan McGee (Creation Records/ Poptones UK)

“These guys rock!”
Pedro Winter aka Busy P (Ed Banger)

“Really like the freshness of their tracks. One of the regular plays on my iPod. Clever innovative pop…me likey!”
Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic/ The Goodness US)

“A breath of fresh air coming from East Side”
Ed2000 ( Berlin)

“At the moment they are the coolest band in Budapest – whatever that is supposed to mean..”
HVG Magazine

Taken from the single: Zagar – Never The Same

As part of the burgeoning Eastern European electronica scene, the heavyweight Zagar are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. With their distinct sound of wave rock, electronica and psychedelic soundscapes embedded in an intriguing Hungarian spirit, their powerful live shows which they toured around Europe and hits such as Wings of Love with close to 1.5m views and in hot rotation on german radios they clearly put their name on the music map in Europe. They are already in the studio working on their eagerly anticipated next studio album. In the meanwhile, they are releasing a single from their previous hit album “Cannot Walk Fly Instead” with remixes from some hot producers.

Taken from the single: Prophet Is A Fool

For more information about the band, please visit: Zagar